San Diego Derby: Anticipation Mounting For First Match On Saturday

San Diego Derby: Anticipation Mounting For First Match On Saturday

The San Diego soccer scene has been simmering in recent weeks and months with the advent of two local NPSL expansion teams coming into the league in the same season. Albion Pros SC and North County Battalion were both founded in late 2015 and kicked off their season in early April. Over the past few months, anticipation has been mounting as the first meeting between the two teams draws near.

While there is certainly a regional rivalry brewing, Saturday the 16th marks the first meeting of these two clubs on the field. The two teams have come a long way since their respective launches, and are now set to take the next step in their respective journeys towards San Diego soccer supremacy.

Below we’ve put together a timeline summary of each team’s progress to this point. If you’ve not heard of Albion Pros SC or North County Battalion, now is the time to read up on each club before they meet at 7:00pm at Del Norte High School.


Early Doors

September 29: NC Battalion launched their club with an announcement on their website


November 10: NC Battalion Storm the San Diego Soccer Scene

November 23:  Albion Pros announce their team and NPSL affiliation


December 7:  Albion Pros Take Center Stage

December 15: Albion Pros Host Open Tryout

December 22: NC Battalion reaffirms their Commitment to the Community

December 30: San Diego Flash Fold

The Plot Thickens

January 12: NC Battalion Enlist Unlikely Reinforcements

January 21: Albion Pros Sign First Sponsor: Primos Mexican Food

January 25: Albion Pros Post Record Number at Tryouts

Partnerships Left and Right

February 4: Albion Pros Partner with TapRoom

February 16: Albion Pros Partner with G-Form

February 22: NC Battalion Partner with Catalyst Training Center

February 24: Albion Pros Secure Support from The Deep End


March: NC Battalion appoint Ryan Guy as Head Coach, partner with San Diego Soccer Club, announce Partnership with Sunrise Capital Partners,  and prepare for first competitive match.

March: Albion Pros win first Preseason MatchAnnounce Andreas Roell as Chairman, win preseason matches against Chula Vista FC and LA Galaxy II, and lose last preseason match to UNLV.

Game Time

April: Albion Pros defeat Coras USA and Temecula FC in their first two NPSL league matches. NC Battalion defeat So Cal SC and FC Hasental to kick off their league campaign.


In just a few short months, these teams have gone from mere concepts to fully fledged clubs. Rosters have been selected, uniforms and equipment have been acquired, and fan bases have been activated. The wider San Diego sports community has begun to take note of the region’s two new teams as well. If you can’t physically attend the 7:00pm kick off at Del Norte High School, the Battalion are streaming the match online for you to watch from home. Tune in to their live channel here at 7:00pm to watch the first ever meeting between North County Battalion and Albion Pros SC.