Welcoming Shawn Beyer to the SoccerNation family


Welcoming Shawn Beyer to the SoccerNation family

Today we are happy to welcome a new member to the SoccerNation family! Shawn Beyer has already been great source of information for SoccerNation read

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Today we are happy to welcome a new member to the SoccerNation family! Shawn Beyer has already been great source of information for SoccerNation readers: Like the time he told us how US Soccer scouts youth talent. Or when he shared his advice for families about to head out to tryouts.

It was a no-brainer to have Shawn join the SoccerNation family as an author.

Stay tuned for his first article coming soon: “What’s up with ODP?”

Regional teams from across the western united states are in Arizona right now competing. You may have seen videos and pictures all over Facebook and Instagram. So, what’s ODP? How do kids get chosen for ODP? Is it still relevant in the DA era? Shawn is going to jump into SoccerNation by answering all of those questions!

A quick bio so you know Shawn is legit:

I asked Shawn to share a bit about his experience and why he’s eager to join the SoccerNation team. Here’s what he had to say:

Extensive Coaching Experience

“Some of my experience includes coaching high school soccer (Freshman, JV, Varsity at Cathedral Catholic and Santa Fe Christian). I also coached club soccer at RSF Attack and Encinitas Express. Over the last two years, I’ve begun coaching and scouting for the US Youth National Teams. I am currently the Assistant Coach at Soka University (NAIA) in Orange County.”

College & Pro Experience

“I played high school, club, ODP, junior college and NCAA Div 1 soccer. I spent six years playing professional indoor soccer in Kansas City, Philadelphia, and San Diego.” [#TheSockersAreAwesome] 

Coaching Creds

“I have an “A” License, and I have a Talent Scout License from US Soccer. I also the National Diploma from United Soccer Coaches Association.  I’ve coached youth teams that have gone to Europe to train and compete, and my son plays recreational soccer for Express. He’s eight years old. My wife is now indoctrinated to the ‘Soccer Mom’ lifestyle!”

Always at the soccer field…

“I tend to always be at a soccer field some way some how. I could be scouting for US Soccer, at a U-8 game as a soccer dad, and at an MLS game — all over the same weekend. I’m also at Soka University quite often working with my college players there. Going to LAFC games with my son last season was a blast. I’ll be going to more this year for sure.”

“Through all of my soccer scouting and coaching, I attend events like DA Showcases, GA [Generation Adidas] Cup, Surf Cup, Nike International Friendlies, US Youth National Team Camps, US Youth Regional Mini Camps, High School Soccer Games, Recreational Soccer games etc… I’m at the soccer field constantly, and I love it. I’m always learning!”

Why SoccerNation?

“Why do I want to join SoccerNation? My goal is to raise the level of awareness and knowledge of the youth soccer landscape here in America. We have such a rich talent pool here, but soccer is still relatively new. It’s not one of the ‘big three’ [football, baseball, basketball] professional sports that you see all over TV yet, but it’s growing every year. There are parents that are learning about soccer for the first time through their own kids’ experiences because they never really played much beyond recreationally when they were younger. There are also parents who know the sport, but are still eager to learn more and help grow the game. I want to help raise awareness about soccer for SoccerNation readers and soccer families. I know that when parents are more engaged and knowledgeable about their kids’ sports, that will raise the bar for the entire soccer landscape in America. I’m eager to get started!”