Thurs Aug 27, 5pm (pacific): Help for Parents and Coaches during COVID-19

Thurs Aug 27, 5pm (pacific): Help for Parents and Coaches during COVID-19

The Elite Clubs National League has announced a FREE webinar for parents of young athletes. On Thursday August 27th at 5pm Pacific, parents and coaches can join and learn about how to help their children through this time of uncertainty.

Growth Opportunities for Youth Athletes

Covid-19 has, for the most part, created chaos and uncertainty across the landscape of youth sports. The ECNL has recognized this.

This webinar was created not only to help families and coaches through these uncertain times, but also to use this historic era as a growth opportunity. Young athletes can, with the help of their coaches and families, learn resilience in a way never before possible.

Expert Assistance for Families and Coaches

The webinar will be presented by the ECNL Chief Mental Performance Advisor, Dr. Cristina Fink, and moderated by ECNL Boys Commissioner, Jason Kutney.  Dr. Fink will share thoughts and strategies on how to help players deal with uncertainty, anxiety and stress.

Coaches, administrators and parents are encouraged to join and gain insights to support our nation’s youth athletes who have been significantly impacted by COVID-19.

The ECNL has coordinated this education session in response to recent studies that have shown that the rates of anxiety and depression among youth athletes have significantly increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Help your Athletes Develop Resilience

During the webinar Dr. Fink will share tips and tools that she has used to help world-class athletes manage uncertainty, anxiety and stress, including four R’s to resilience:

  • Recognize: Acknowledge your emotions, understand what is causing your emotional reaction
  • Regain Control: Take a time out to manage the emotions you have
  • Rationalize: Restate the situation as objectively as possible using facts, not emotions
  • Re-focus: Re- focus on the goal, others involved, a possible solution…

Pre-registration is required

Register for the webinar HERE.

You do not have to be an ECNL family to join. The webinar is open to ALL families, coaches, and administrators.

Stay healthy and safe. Stay fit, and we’ll see you on the field soon!