SoccerNation partners with Olympus Movement Performance

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SoccerNation partners with Olympus Movement Performance

Bringing valuable knowledge to soccer families across the nation Everyone at SoccerNation is thrilled to announce our new partnership with Olympus

Bradford Jamieson returns to training after concussion
Concussions and Soccer

Bringing valuable knowledge to soccer families across the nation

Everyone at SoccerNation is thrilled to announce our new partnership with Olympus Movement Performance and Dr. Annemarie Alf. Throughout the coming year, Annemarie and her team will be sharing invaluable knowledge for athletes of all ages and their families.

Nutrition, training, health and wellness. The lives of soccer-loving families are going to be helped tremendously, and we are excited to get started!

Meet Dr. Annemarie Alf 

Annemarie Alf, PT, DPT, CSCS is North County San Diego’s leading Doctor of Physical Therapy. She specializes in returning athletes of all ages and levels back to the sports and activities they love.

In 2017, She founded OLYMPUS MOVEMENT PERFORMANCE. She wanted to create a space that focuses on the WHOLE person and athlete. Annemarie enjoys helping athletes of all ages return to the sports they love. She guides them through the rehab phase to the performance sport phase. Also, she expertly guides athletes with training that will help keep them at the top of their game.

Annemarie graduated with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from University of St Augustine. She is certified as a strength and a Certified SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment) provider.

Olympic experience

She was the first American Physical Therapist to work with any Chinese Olympic Team at an Olympic Games. As the Performance Physical Therapist to the Men’s and Women’s Chinese Olympic Gymnastics Team, she attended the 2012 London Olympic Games and provided daily evaluation and treatment of all gymnastics athletes. The Chinese Olympic Gymnastic team achieved eight total gymnastics medals, more than any other nation.  

Annemarie is currently supporting the 2020 Chinese Olympic Gymnastic Team in preparation for Tokyo. 

(Side note: A handstand contest has been verbally agreed to between Annemarie and me, Carey Schumacher. Stay tuned to social media for updates.)

SD Loyal SC

Currently, Annemarie is the Performance and Medical Director for San Diego Loyal SC and  Strength and Conditioning Coach and Physical Therapist to the San Diego Sockers. She also works with numerous youth soccer clubs throughout San Diego county. 

Topics coming in 2020

A Note from Annemarie & the Olympus Movement team:

We are excited to be discussing some great topics in the near future. We believe in sharing our knowledge to help athletes of all ages meet their performance goals in a healthy. 


We will cover wellness topics such as proper hydration, nutrition and so much more!

Injury Prevention and Injury Management

Why is stretching important for young athletes? What’s best for recovery for young athletes? How to avoid ACL injuries. 

Sports Performance Training

All athletes on a team rely on one another, so prepare your whole squad to perform its best! We will discuss the benefits of sports performance training for your team.

Performance Physical Therapy

Performance Physical Therapy helps bridge the gap between traditional rehabilitation and performance training or return to activity. 

Baseline Concussion Testing and Complete Concussion Management

What is Baseline Concussion Testing? Who should get a Concussion Baseline Test? What should you do if you think your young athlete has a concussion? We will fully cover the topic on concussions.

Youth Performance Training

Athlete training programs help young athletes get the tools they need to improve strength, endurance, speed, power and flexibility. These programs include Performance Testing, Proper Recovery Techniques, Injury Prevention, Sport Specific Programming and Nutrition and Regeneration Techniques. 

The Olympus Movement facility

Olympus Movement is North County’s Premier Sports Performance and Integrative Medicine Facility. Our team is comprised of professionals that share a passion for health and fitness that includes our Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Athletic Trainers, Board Certified Nurse Practitioner and Registered Nurse. 

We work with individual athletes, groups and teams to help them reach their sports performance goals. Some of our services include sports performance training, performance physical therapy, baseline concussion testing, complete concussion management, functional medicine, sport and school physicals, wellness services and nutrition coaching just to name a few.  


As a SoccerNation reader, you qualify for a FREE first trial session at OlympusMovement, AND 20% off any service! Just mention: SoccerNation20

We are located at 1281 Liberty Way Suite A in Vista, California. (760) 231-0224

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