Giving Back: Local baller collects new soccer balls for Copa Corazon in Tijuana

Giving Back: Local baller collects new soccer balls for Copa Corazon in Tijuana

Lila Conroy has always loved soccer. She spends hours and hours training with her LA Galaxy San Diego G07 Pre-Academy team in Carlsbad, California. Lila also has a passion for helping young underprivileged players. She understands how blessed her community is, and she says herself:

“It goes something like this: ‘Mom! I need a new soccer ball!’


New soccer ball appears…”

In May of this year, Lila will be participating in “Copa Corazon” in Tijuana, Mexico. Volunteers from LA Galaxy San Diego will make a trip across the border to volunteer their time at the day-long soccer event. Hundreds of children will be attending from seven different Tijuana communities. Planning the event has been going well, but Lila wanted to do more. She knew that nice new soccer (sorry — FUTBOL!) equipment is a luxury for many children. Lila decided she would mobilize her community into action. For the last month, she has been collecting new and barely-used soccer balls by the dozens. Her goal is to bring two hundred soccer balls with her to Copa Corazon. All of them will be donated to Tijuana youth players at the event.

GOAL: 200 soccer balls

Collections have been going well so far. She has collected almost 200 balls and is well on her way to not only meet but eclipse her goal. Lila says, “Soccer is such a big part of my life. I love it so much. This project has made me realize how lucky I am to have parents who are able to support my dreams…new soccer balls, new cleats, training sessions etc. I hope by doing this I’ll bring some joy to other kids who love playing as much as I do”

Soccerloco donated over 80 balls to Lila’s efforts, and the public has been helping a lot, as well. If you would like to help Lila, there is a drop-off box at Momentum Training Center in San Marcos. The address is: 1740 La Costa Meadows Dr Suite 250, San Marcos, CA 92078

images courtesy of Lauren Conroy