FC Heat Team News and Club Updates from September

FC Heat Team News and Club Updates from September

Competitive League Season

We are currently about five weeks into our competitive league season with many Heat teams sitting in the top 3 positions in their division. This is something that we work very hard towards every season, where games are played every weekend at home and away against many teams we have not yet played against this year. Coaches, players and parents keep a sharp eye on their standings as every team wants to do well.

Teams playing in the Presidio League have good competition this year as many of the divisions were rebuilt prior to the start of the season. Our young GU8 team coached by Brian Blake and assisted by Don Myers have made a tremendous impact, with only one loss to date and sitting at the top of their division, a great showing from a brand new team of our youngest girls.

Teams playing in the SDDA have also shown well with very close games in all categories. The difference between Presidio and SDDA is that at the half-way point in the SDDA season, teams play in a Showcase tournament against each other. They also repeat the process at the end of their season, where coaches from all over watch the games. This is great exposure for our players.

One distinct noticeable difference has been the poor quality of some of the fields that we sometimes have to play on when we play away in both leagues, especially in the South County. It makes us all feel very fortunate to have Ryan Park as our home.

Our older BU17 team coached by the Valle brothers are playing in CSL on the coast against higher caliber teams, they currently are sitting 1 Win, 1 Tie, ! Loss. This is a very strong team that hopes to compete in the Dallas Cup. In order to raise money for their trip they are hosting a 3 v. 3 tournament at Ryan Park – see details below. To see this team play against Albion, who are top of the table, show up at Ryan Park, field 6 at 8 am on Saturday, 10th of October 2015, it should be a great game.

Plans are coming together well for our competitive side of the club. Next year we plan to offer more services to gradually move FC Heat Elite to Academy status. Part of that program is to teach coaches and captains of teams the correct warm-up exercises prior to game time.


Coaches Matt and Alicia from The Catalyst Training Center came by last week to do just that and to give us a class on this very subject. This was well received and certainly an eye opener for many of us. We learned not just how to do stretches and warm-ups, and in what order to do them, but we learned also what not to do, especially in regards to stretching girls legs out. As most of you know, females are built a little differently and it is important not to put too much pressure on their knees. All of this was very useful information.