Don’t Skip the Warm Up!!

Don’t Skip the Warm Up!!

If you are guilty of skipping a warmup in the past and jumping straight into training please raise your hand.

Mine is being held up as we speak. I am guilty of this as well. I have heard all the excuses (and made some myself).

“There is not enough time”

“Im already warmed up”

“I warmed up yesterday”

A proper warm up is vital to your performance. Whether you are a weekend warrior or a competitive soccer player, warming up will only benefit you. The main reason a warmup is essential is to mitigate injury. Your muscles, joints, and ligaments all need to be in the optimal state in order for you to perform at your best and decrease your risk for injury.

In today’s video we focus on a 5 minute warmup using only 5 exercises.

At the Parisi Speed School we take 15-30 minutes just to warm up our athletes. Try this 5 minute warmup before your next game and watch your performance increase!