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Colorado Rush vs Club Union Jerez

The Colorado Rush will be facing Club Union Jerez this Saturday in the State Cup finals to try and punch their ticket to regionals for the first time

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The Colorado Rush will be facing Club Union Jerez this Saturday in the State Cup finals to try and punch their ticket to regionals for the first time in the last five years.

In the past 50 years, many older adult amateur Colorado clubs have had a success in the State, Regional and National level tournaments. However, for the past five years the Colorado State Soccer Association hasn’t operated the State Cup tournament. There have been some logistical and political issues that needed to be worked out but this means for the first time in a while, a Colorado team will be representing the state on the regional level no matter who wins this match.

Union Jerez and Rush have matched up a few times previously going into this game and have always had competitive games with each other. SoccerNation spoke with the Colorado Rush coach Joe Webb to get his take on the game this weekend.

SoccerNation: Club Union Jerez is having a good season this year and based on past results between the two teams, it should be a good game. What problems could they give you this weekend?

Webb: We have played against them a few times over the years in various local competitions so we have a pretty good idea of them and they are a quality side, but there is also something they do bring with them into this contest: an element of surprise. There are so many good players around town and on both teams rosters. So usually it comes down to a question of which players are going to be able to make it to the game on this particular day and who is healthy and in game form.


SoccerNation: Do you have any major roster changes from last match that will impact this game?

Webb: We have a super deep pool of talented players so you can expect that we are always going to be tinkering with quite a few different lineups and formations from week to week and resting some players other weeks. One really cool aspect of playing for our club is the high number of various competitions that we do compete in and that we seek out the opportunity to play in so many competitive games at such a high level throughout the year. We don’t just play in one league or competition that may only be 6 or 8 weeks long.

We compete in multiple high level competitions throughout the entire year and this prepares our players for playing at the highest level possible. It can also take a toll on the body, so I have to treat every player a little differently and we have to create balance between the different competitions that we play in so that we are not burning any of our players out and we are giving them the proper kind of preparations for our most important competitions.

Every player on this team can make a difference in a game or be the player to watch on any given day and from a coaching standpoint its a blessing to have so many great guys on one team cause when your training and playing over 60 games a year its far from a cake walk for anyone.


SoccerNation: Other than this being a huge game for Rush and you guys are a really fun and talented side to watch play, what should the fans be excited to see from you guys on Saturday?

Webb: Really the biggest thing fans and players of the game should be excited for is the return of the Colorado State Cup sanctioned by CSA and USASA. Regardless of which team walks away victorious the team that represents Colorado will be a strong team and, this is an event that will be of historical significance for the Colorado Adult Soccer and not just this year but for years to come and that is exciting to be a part of. The whole state will be able to cheer the team on throughout regional/national cups which is something fans of the game have been missing for years.

Come on out and watch what should prove to be a very competitive game and see a Colorado Club hoist the State Cup trophy. Kickoff time is at 4:30pm on Saturday March 25th at Abraham Lincoln High School.