What is Rush REACH?

What is Rush REACH?

The REACH (Rush Equipment Assisting CHildren) Program is an initiative that allows every Rush player to make a difference in the lives of others on a global scale. The REACH Program collects used Rush uniforms, equipment and soccer balls at a local level and then redistributes them to International Rush and REACH Partner Clubs, as well as other underprivileged children around the nation and the globe.

In order for this program to succeed, members are expected to donate so that the organization can help communities around the world. The Rush Core Values include empathy, humility, and unity and the REACH program draws heavily from each of these themes. Having empathy for other children around the globe in less advantageous positions than Rush’s own membership teaches respect for fellow human beings, and also fosters a sense of  appreciation for how fortunate people are, and the challenges that much of the world struggles with on a daily basis. Humility and unity make the world a better place and Rush players, parents, coaches and other members learn that a little bit of kindness goes a long way.    


Mnay clubs do one-off donations, but Rush’s objective is to provide fully furnished teams. Rush wants to connect the dots between a “cleaning out the closet” donation and building a bond between one club and another one across the world.

The Rush Soccer REACH program currently includes over 30 Partner Clubs and is growing! With the aid of members’ donations, the REACH program supports more than 2,500 players in need of footwear, apparel and equipment.

This year alone, donations have REACHED players in Canada, Jamaica, Trinidad/Tobago, Senegal, Dubai, Haiti, Uganda, Togo, Niyakko Rush (Aurora Colorado), Kenya, Honduras, Ghana, Peru, Cameroon, Tanzania, Belize, the SESSI Program (Colorado Springs).


In addition to collecting and distributing donations from HQ in Littleton, Colorado, the Rush REACH Program also encourages coaches and players to travel to REACH Partner clubs around the world. 

If you or someone in your club has a personal connection to a REACH Club or a wish to forge a bond with a new REACH Partner club, or wish to travel with a group, contact Rush’s Global OutREACH Director at kdowns@rushsoccer.com