Women’s World Cup final is the most watched game ever in U.S.

Women’s World Cup final is the most watched game ever in U.S.

The U.S. Women’s National Team broke television ratings records with the victory in the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup final match against Japan. This was the most watched soccer game in United States history. According to Fox, the number of viewers was around 23 million, which is 77% higher than the last World Cup final in 2011 also between the U.S. and Japan.

The U.S. has been breaking records in viewership throughout this entire World Cup. For every match the USWNT went through, the number of fans watching them got bigger and bigger until reaching this unbelievable number in the final against Japan, on Sunday July 5th.

The match supposedly started with 16 millions viewers and as the U.S. started scoring goal after goal, that number increased up to 23 million.

These numbers compare to huge sporting events in America like the World Series or NBA playoffs. However, it seems like this summer, soccer took all the attention from sports fans in America. Many celebrities and other athletes also expressed their support on social media.

San Diego was among the top markets for the game in third place after Kansas City and Saint Louis. This tells us how big soccer is in SoCal and how many people actually are following it.

The number of fans supporting the team in Canada as well was incredible. As even the players said, if felt like they were playing at home. Fans did not only go to the actual matches but also to all of the events prior and after the game, for example the fan parties.

Telemundo, another broadcaster of the match, stated that they reached 1.27 million viewers. This was a record for the highest viewed Spanish-language game in a Women’s World Cup.

We just hope this trend continues in the future as soccer keeps growing in the United States.