West Coast FC College Commitments

West Coast FC College Commitments

West Coast FC, a powerhouse in the Southern California soccer world, has a slew of graduates for their Class of 16′ college players.  A number of their players have already committed to universities all over the country for the 2016 season. Schools such as Harvard, Princeton, West Point, UCI, UCSD, SDSU, CSUF and a number of other great teams and great universities.

Willy Ospina, among the ranks, plays for West Coast’s BU-17 team and has led them to a number of tournament victories, including the 2015 South National Cup, and 2015 Surf Cup.  In the fall, he will join Cal State Fullerton’s back to back Big West Tournament Champions. West Coast player, Michael Oakson will also join CSUF’s team this fall.

West Coast FC, has for another year provided great talent, and helped give a number of players the chance to play for some of the most competitive teams in the country.