Is your Child Committed To A College Soccer Roster Yet?  No?  Read on…

Is your Child Committed To A College Soccer Roster Yet? No? Read on…

If you’re a 1999, 2000 or even a 2001, you should either have your college roster spot already offered to you or very close.  Many college coaches have finished their 2017 recruiting classes and are now on 2018 and for girls 2019! 

With high school season upon us, you lose almost 4 months in the important recruiting process timeline going on right now. 

What is your plan as there are only so many roster spots and over 250,000 more players this year trying to get them this year and next?  How is your club doing assisting you in the process?

  • Are you signed up for Fall/Winter ID camps at your 5 to 10 top choices?
  • How many unofficial visits set up? Do you have your questions prepared?
  • Are you practicing on how to interview and talk to college coaches in person and on phone?
  • Has your social media footprint been scrubbed correctly ?
  • Do you have your eligibility number updated thru NCAA?
  • Do you have your 16 core classes from the new list of NCAA requirements?
  • Have you researched outside scholarship money that is available to you?
  • Are your emails getting opened by college coaches?
  • Is your video the right length with the right music to catch coaches eyes?

All of this is what we at iSoccerPath provide direction and  assistance on for as low as $20.00 a month!

Don’t get behind, let iSoccerPath guide you and your son/daughter on all the items above so they have the best chance of becoming a student athlete and get admitted to a college with soccer.


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    Ronald Gonzalez 5 years

    I’m a Varsity goalkeeper in a high school name Diego Rivera learning complex . I’m A Senior class of 2017 . I Want To play college soccer.

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