USWNT breaks record again: 8.4 million view U.S. vs. Germany

USWNT breaks record again: 8.4 million view U.S. vs. Germany

This was the match that everybody was expecting to watch in this World Cup: Germany vs. United States. Germany was the No.1 ranked team and U.S. was the No. 2. Both teams were candidates to win this tournament, but only one was going to get out of this semifinal and have the chance to win the tittle. Fortunately for U.S. fans, the American players came out on top.

This U.S. has been breaking records not only on the field but also off the field. Their defense has not allowed a goal in over 500 minutes of game time. Also, the numbers for viewership on Fox has been increasing in every stage and every match that the U.S. is playing in this tournament, reaching its best number so far with an audience of 8.4 million viewers and a peak of 12 million. However, we can expect even bigger numbers in the final on Sunday July 5th.

Some of the stats of this game:

  • San Diego was among the top markets for this match at 6.9.
  • This match breaks the last record of 5.7 million viewers in the U.S. vs. China match for the quarterfinal, a 47% increase.
  • This is the third most watch women’s soccer match, only behind the 1999 World Cup final (U.S. vs. China) and the 2011 World Cup final (U.S. vs. Japan).
  • This semifinal match had much more viewers than the last semifinal the U.S. played against France in 2011, which had only 3.4 million viewers.
  • This match was actually the most watched semifinal ever, for both men and women, breaking the last record of 5.9 million for Germany vs. Italy semifinal in 2006.
  • The audience peaked at 12 million between 8:30 – 8:45 E.T, beating the prior peak in U.S. vs. China that had 8.1 million viewers.
  • This match broke another record for Fox Sports GO with 166,000 unique streamers, which had previously been 121,000 for the U.S. vs. Colombia game.
  • This match was the most-watched broadcast since the American Idol on April 1st.
  • The match provided Fox with the highest-rated program along adults (18-49) since the season finale of EMPIRE in March.