USMNT moves up in the FIFA World Rankings

USMNT moves up in the FIFA World Rankings

Although the 2015 Gold Cup didn’t end up the way the U.S. Men’s National Team wanted, it still helped them to move up in the FIFA World Rankings. The U.S. are now ranked 29th which is five places higher in the list than they were before.

There is an extra weight put on continental championship matches, which the Gold Cup is in CONCACAF’s case. Winning matches in the Gold Cup helps in the rankings no matter what teams you go against. It helps to improve your ranking much more than for example winning a friendly match against Germany. So even though the U.S. did not win the tournament, it still helped to boost their placement, since they won a couple of matches in a continental tournament.

The Gold Cup not only helped the U.S. but it also helped all the other teams that participated and had good results. Mexico, for example moved 14 places higher, being at 26th now, which is 3 places higher than the United States and the top ranked in the region. Costa Rica is below the U.S. at 38th, moving 3 spots higher. Jamaica moved 21 places higher, at 55th now and Trinindad and Tobago are right below them at 56th, after skipping 8 spots.

As far as the top of the list, Argetnina continues at number 1, Belgium surpassed Germany and is now at number 2, Germany in 3rd, Colombia in 4th and Brazil in 5th. Portugal, Romania, England, Wales and Chile close the top 10.