US Women’s Victory Tour: a Photo Album


US Women’s Victory Tour: a Photo Album

On the heels of their fourth Women's World Cup championship, the USA Women's National team has embarked on a nation-wide Victory Tour. The first tour

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On the heels of their fourth Women’s World Cup championship, the USA Women’s National team has embarked on a nation-wide Victory Tour. The first tour stop was the Rose Bowl in Pasadena on August 3rd.

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Over 37,000 fans were in attendance for the USA’s 3-0 summertime win over the Republic of Ireland. The next stop on the tour is Philadelphia, where the USA will face Portugal on August 29th.

Current record: 44,028. Tickets sold thus far for Aug 29th match: 40,000+

The record crowd size for a USWNT friendly “stand-alone” (not part of an Olympics or World Cup) currently stands at 44,028. That record was set in 2015 in Pittsburg — the first match after the USA’s 2015 World Cup championship. At the time of this article’s publishing, over 40,000 tickets have been sold for the August 29th match in Philadelphia — the defacto home town of Carli Lloyd and the home of Julie and Zach Ertz.

Tickets start at $35 and can be purchased through or

USA vs Ireland Photo Album

I wanted to give USA fans an up-close view of the Victory Tour. I’ll admit it, but it’s a bit embarrassing: Up until this game, I had only seen the USWNT on television. As any sports fan knows, seeing world-class athletes on television doesn’t compare to watching them shine in person. Sure, watching games on television is fun. But seeing their speed, strength and skill with your own eyes in person is simply awe-inspiring.

If you have live near a Victory Tour stop, I highly recommend heading to a game. The athleticism you will witness will be amazing. But in addition to the game, the party atmosphere is something that doesn’t come through when you watch the game on television. You have to be there. Furthermore, you have to show up early. Trust me.

Feel free to share these photos, just kindly credit me, the photographer. Crediting the photographer whenever you can is the nice thing to do. And you’re nice. On instagram, I’m @cs9sports.


Pre Game:

First half:

Second Half:

More info about the Victory Tour and ticket sales HERE.

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