UPDATE: Game On San Diego Proposal Is Still Sitting on Newsom’s Desk

UPDATE: Game On San Diego Proposal Is Still Sitting on Newsom’s Desk

Last week, SoccerNation explained the origins of San Diego County’s “Game On San Diego” proposal. The plan to return young athletes to the practice field was sent to California Governor Gavin Newsom by the San Diego County Board of Supervisors.

Plan Summary:

  • Sports organizations must follow CDC guidelines and submit safety plans to San Diego County for approval.
  • Training groups max size: 12, not counting coaches.
  • Groups must be “stable.” Athletes can not move from one group to another. (modeled after the child care center guidelines that have already been approved and put into practice)
  • Children do not need to wear masks while training.
  • Children should bring their own equipment to training, and equipment must be disinfected frequently.
  • Individual skills training and fitness are to emphasized. Personal contact is expected but needs to be minimized.
  • Parents and spectators are allowed to observe training session, but social distancing must be maintained.

UPDATE as of Thursday May 28, 2020: No word from Governor Newsom

In her SoccerNation interview last week, San Diego County Supervisor Kristin Gaspar explained that a response was expected by Wednesday, May 27th.

As of today, Thursday May 28, the proposal is still sitting on Governor Newsom’s desk.

No news is good news

With a decision still on hold, San Diego’s plan to return athletes to the practice field hasn’t been denied. Families can still contact Governor Newsom’s office.


Be sure to read Supervisor Gaspar’s description of San Diego’s plan for responding to any potential increase in hospital capacity HERE.