Two Groups Have Eyes Set On Major League Soccer In San Diego

Two Groups Have Eyes Set On Major League Soccer In San Diego

Major League Soccer hasn’t been shy about it’s ambition to add more teams. The league is currently at 20 teams and is set to expand to 24 by the end of the decade. Earlier this month, Major League Soccer announces itss support for a future expansion to 28 teams.

That now gives four more cities an opportunity to join the ranks of the top flight soccer in the United States.

One of those cities is San Diego and a report from The San Diego Union-Tribune names former Padres owner John Moores as one of two groups looking into the possibility of bringing MLS to San Diego.

MLS Commissioner Don Garber spoke before the MLS Cup final and named San Diego in regards to markets who have already had discussions with the league.

A few weeks ago,’s Alicia Rodriguez analyzed Garber’s quotes and provided a few debatable points on whether San Diego could host an MLS team.

Adding four more teams to the league opens up a few options for cities who have been left out of the original 24 team expansion. The four new teams will call Atlanta, Los Angeles, Miami, and St. Paul their new home. Sacramento is still vying for a spot and the city of San Antonio has also looked like a potential spot.

Regardless of who gets picked, it’s going to be a tough and hard sell for any city. However, San Diego has the history and the passion for the sport. Hopefully that, and a rich owner, can all come together.