The Beautiful Gear Campaign by Eight by Eight

The Beautiful Gear Campaign by Eight by Eight

If you are not familiar with the magazine Eight by Eight, then you better get active to be up to date with the latest art and football material released. The New York based magazine provides it’s viewers with articles on the latest topics in the football world with beautifully designed illustrations to compliment its material.

Recently, Eight by Eight launched its latest campaign, The Beautiful Gear, which highlights the release of new products as well as creative work from artists around the world. The Beautiful Gear was originally launched in 2010 by Carter Daly and Brooks Peck, and now has seen Eight by Eight team up with them to continue to release the most exciting work in football today.

The content released in The Beautiful Gear campaign includes product releases from leading sports brands like Nike and adidas, as well as brands that produce football-specific products such as World FC and Live Breathe Football. Along with captivating photography and illustrations, the campaign also includes films by companies Where is Football and Copa 90 that highlight topics in football that extend past the pitch.

One of the highlighted features that kicked off the campaign include Turkish documentary Istanbul United. A documentary of the Turkish protests in 2013 that saw the ultras of Galatasaray, Basiktas and Fenerbahçe ban together to contest the development plan to replace Taksim Gezi Park in the capital with a new metropolitan building. A link of the trailer is provided below.

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