Strong Soccer Culture: What’s The Recipe?

Strong Soccer Culture: What’s The Recipe?

Soccer is a universal sport that is deeply rooted into various cultures across the world. However, here in the United States, the game’s popularity has yet to reach the levels it achieves around the world in countries like England, France and Mexico.

One of the ways Americans in the United States are helping to grow the sport is recognizing and supporting the organic movements of local soccer clubs. NC Battalion is at the forefront of the soccer culture movement this year and focus on area locals in North County, San Diego to ensure that the soccer movement is something they feel a part of.

When Ben Forman first heard about NC Battalion, he was intrigued by the club’s mission and goal to grow the game.  An avid soccer fan originally from the East Coast, he roots for Tottenham Hotspur along with his wife Allyson and other Spurs supporters every weekend.

“One of the things that makes me happy about Battalion is that it’s a fantastic way of bringing fans of lots of fans of different teams together under one banner,” said Forman. Being that the club represents San Diego, fans can connect to it without concern for their Premier League allegiance.

In February, Forman visited NC Battalion’s training session at The Catalyst Training Center in Mira Mesa. It was there that he met the Battalion’s owner and learned of how passionate NC Battalion was about the growth of soccer culture in the region.

In addition to hosting open training sessions, NC Battalion is inviting fans to travel with the team to their 6 away games this season. Their away games take place in San Bernardino, Temecula, Riverside, among other Southern California towns. With these trips, NC Battalion wants to foster a strong supporter culture that collectively reflects the values of both the club and the supporters.

With a solid product on the field this season, NC Battalion will provide supporters with the right recipe of enthusiasm and quality that can grow the game in San Diego. The NC Battalion kicks off their inaugural season next Saturday, April 9 at 7:00pm at Del Norte High School.

For more information on NC Battalion, visit their website.