Creative Fundraising Efforts from Temecula FC Soccer Club together with Quail Real Estate

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Creative Fundraising Efforts from Temecula FC Soccer Club together with Quail Real Estate

In 2013, two long time soccer friends and Temecula Valley High School graduates, Brandon Jantz and Vince Paccione got together and founded Temecula FC

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In 2013, two long time soccer friends and Temecula Valley High School graduates, Brandon Jantz and Vince Paccione got together and founded Temecula FC. Their vision was to produce a youth club with as little cost as possible to the parents, while also giving their players the training and education necessary to make them top players and responsible teammates.

The boys side starts at U-8 and graduates all the way to the Temecula FC Men’s semi-professional team currently playing in the Southwest conference of the National Premier Soccer League (NPSL), a 4th division soccer league under the US Soccer Federation’s soccer pyramid.

They’re currently building the girls side to develop into a women’s professional team as well. Their coaching staff is led by none other than Willie Donachie, Scottish football legend and former Manchester City player and Scottish World Cup player. Donachie’s soccer resume is as accomplished and impressive as anyone’s in Europe. Besides playing with some of the world’s best clubs, he also coached at Manchester City, Oldham Athletic, Milwall, Newcastle United, and several others over the years.

“Willie is a Godsend,” said Brandon Jantz. “Besides his incredible experience and coaching techniques, he has the power to pick up the phone and get any player that he feels is ready for a professional trial at top clubs all over the UK. Those are the opportunities that we didn’t have playing here in the 90’s. At Temecula FC, we have direct lines to the top of UK’s football leagues, as well as colleges here in the US.”

Brandon and Vince were two of the original Temecula Valley club soccer players, having played for Temecula Alliance in the early 1990’s under long time Temecula soccer coach and Murrieta school teacher Mario Martinez.

According to Brandon: “If it weren’t for Mario, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to enter club soccer because it was too expensive. Besides the fact that growing players constantly need new gear, there’s registration fees for the club leagues, and there’s also a lot of travel expenses, tournament fees, uniforms, and that’s not to mention if the youth player’s support system is fortunate enough to stay in a hotel when the team travels.

My first club coach, Mario Martinez used to take me with his family, many times letting me stay with them if we were playing in a tournament far enough away that everyone was staying at a hotel. If it weren’t for my first club, I probably wouldn’t have gotten the opportunity to keep climbing up the football ladder to point where I was in England training with Scunthorpe Utd and doing my best to sign a professional contract.”

This was the foundation that led to the idea of finding a way to help financially support youth players’ dreams of making it to the highest levels of the sport for both boys and girls. At Temecula FC, also known as the Quails, they’ve incorporated a real estate brokerage, owned and operated by Brandon’s partner and real estate broker – similar to this Forest Hill Real Estate Brokerage – Vince Paccione to help fundraise and support their youth players financial obligations.Quailsupportvalleycenterca

“Brandon and I were brainstorming about how we could help keep costs down with the goal of possibly making the youth club entirely free for our players and their parents,” stated Paccione. “The idea was born to utilize my real estate broker’s license, which I’ve had since 2005, and to get help from the all the Temecula FC families and friends to promote and drive real estate deals to Quail Real Estate. Ever since I first took Texas real estate courses, I’ve wanted to be able to give back to the community in some form, and I feel like this is a great way to do it. From there we could start to make the club more affordable, and eventually, hopefully, completely free. So I broke off from the club to start Quail Real Estate, although I still coach too.”

As of now Quail Real Estate offers to donate 10% of a real estate transaction’s commission to the team that the deal originated from, plus another 5% to the club for administration costs, as well as paying for the player’s yearly registration fee of $395 which is already seriously low compared to competing clubs.

Vince continues: “If we can create enough real estate business to cover each team’s fees and have enough left over to help them travel and purchase gear like matching warm-ups, bags, balls, cleats, etc… that will make our players feel great walking onto a field, and will help allow many kids to play at this level whose parents may not be able to afford it otherwise.”

[quote_box_center]”If we can create enough success at Quail Real Estate, I don’t see why playing for Temecula FC can’t be completely free for our players.” -Paccione [/quote_box_center]

It’s a creative endeavor with possibilities of raising a lot more money than trying to sell chocolate bars or magazine subscriptions, and it will be interesting to see if Temecula FC along with their real estate brokerage Quail Real Estate can pull it off and make competitive youth club soccer free for their players and their hard working parents.