SDSU West’s Message is Simple – Yes on G, No on E

Editor's Note: SoccerNation understands that Major League Soccer is only viable in San Diego under the SoccerCity plan which will appear as Measure E on the November 2018 ballot.

SDSU West held a press conference on Wednesday September 19th where a number of public officials gave their unanimous support to Measure G and opposed

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SDSU West held a press conference on Wednesday September 19th where a number of public officials gave their unanimous support to Measure G and opposed Measure E on the upcoming ballot. Measure G is SDSU West’s plan for converting the current SDCCU stadium site and the 132 acres surrounding it into a Western campus for the school along with a stadium, river park, and much more (see the full measure at sandiego.gov). Measure E is Soccer City’s proposal for conversion of the same plot of land.

In attendance giving their full backing to Measure G were Congressman Scott Peters, Congressman Juan Vargas, California Senate President pro Tempore Tony Atkins, California State Senator Ben Hueso, San Diego City Council President Myrtle Cole, Councilman Chris Ward, Former interim mayor and current Assemblymember Todd Gloria, and David Alvarez of the San Diego City Council.


SDSU West Spokesperson Laura Fink

As anyone who’s ever tried to acquire land in San Diego will know, the SDCCU site is a rare commodity. “The opportunity to reimagine the stadium site represents a once in a lifetime chance for us as San Diegans. This is a shot for what us as a community want the future to be,” said Spokesperson Laura Fink.

Getting the backing of so many prominent public figures is no small feat and there were a variety of reasons why Measure G received such support. Chief among them was a transparent public process. “I’d like to underscore the importance of a comprehensive public process with multiple opportunities for community input,” said Councilman Chris Ward. “As elected officials, it’s our duty to vote in a way that is in the best interest of our represented constituents. Looking at whether the community has been adequately engaged in the public process is important. Measure G is the only initiative for the stadium site that will be planned through an open and transparent public process.”


San Diego City Council President Myrtle Cole

The opportunity for SDSU to expand is one that is not lost on San Diego City Council President Myrtle Cole. “Measure G is a straight forward and transparent initiative that gives San Diegans the power to input on this significant piece of land. I support it because its fair and allows one of San Diego’s longest standing institutions and biggest drivers to expand and achieve it’s full potential.”

On top of expansion of further education, the economic impact of Measure G can not be overstated. “As president of the California State Senate, I get to play a leading role in crafting our state’s budget. I know and I believe an economic driver when I see one. Measure G is one,” said California Senate President pro Tempore Tony Atkins. “We can ensure that the current and future San Diegans have access to further education that we know has grown our economy in the past, will grow our economy in the future, and build local businesses and create new jobs.”

The vote for this measure is in November, but the impact of its results will be felt for decades to come. “Future generations of San Diegans will judge us on what we do with this site,” said former interim mayor and current Assemblymember Todd Gloria. “Think about the foresight and the vision that San Diegans of the past had to set aside land for Balboa Park, Mission Bay Park, and the Torrey Mesa for UCSD and the economic opportunities that have come from that. That should be the measuring stick for this property. Something that 100 years from now San Diegans will look at this and say we got it right.”


Assemblymember Todd Gloria

For soccer fans, the excitement of an MLS franchise definitely looms large when deciding who to vote for. Friends of SDSU Spokesperson Fred Pierce commented, “I think San Diegans have a much greater likelihood of securing an MLS franchise with SDSU West. Under all circumstances, SDSU is going to build a new stadium. It’s their first phase and their first priority. The stadium will be designed with soccer use in mind. There’s no guarantees a stadium will ever be built with Soccer City. I think the way San Diegans get soccer is with SDSU West.”

A full brief on SDSU West’s plan can be found by clicking here.