NFL Legend Drew Brees Joins Surf Sports

NFL Legend Drew Brees Joins Surf Sports

When Drew Brees went off Purdue University, he thought he was going to get to play college football and get a great education. After graduation, he would jump into a business career. He never imagined the sport of football would take him as far as it has. Drafted in the second round by the San Diego Chargers in 2001, Brees has become one of the NFL’s finest quarterbacks. He has also put down deep roots in America’s finest city. Those roots now include a significant partnership and investment in Surf Sports of San Diego.

At Surf Sports’ flagship Del Mar facility, under a crystal blue sky, with a perfectly mild sea breeze rolling off the nearby pacific, Brees and Surf executives together made their big announcement: Drew Brees is now a strategic partner and investor in Surf Sports.

Drew Brees, San Diego Dad

Brees described to local media, “I drive by these fields every day with my kids. … It’s the premier sports facility.” He told Fox 5 San Diego that when he’s done playing football, whenever that may be, San Diego will be his family’s home. His partnership with Surf Sports will be a big part of his life now and after football.

Josh Henderson enjoys the perfect Surf Sports Park grass with a toss of an American football during the media festivities.

What does this new partnership mean for San Diego families?

What does this new partnership mean for San Diego families? Surf Sports CEO, Brian Enge, told SoccerNation, “Drew now has a seat at the table. He will be part of our leadership team, crafting our strategy and creating opportunities going forward. We are always looking to improve, and we know his point of view as a professional athlete will help us in creating the right opportunities for kids and families as we plan for a bright future.”

Surf Sports National Sporting Director Josh Henderson, Drew Brees, and Surf Sports’ CEO Brian Enge

All photos by me, Carey Schumacher


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    Beth 3 years

    Say it ain’t so, Drew! As a fellow Purdue alum I have always been a fan since you came to SD with the Chargers, but I hate to see you partner with these arrogant disingenuous people known as Surf Cup Sports. They have promised to be good neighbors but have ruined our neighborhood and don’t seem to care about all their traffic, noise, dirt, visual blight, etc. at what was a serene piece of rural land just a few years ago. The surrounding neighbors are furious and want them to take their over-priced soccer cartel somewhere else because it does not belong here at the Polo Fields in Del Mar. It is completely incompatible with our rural neighborhood. So much so, that even the 22nd DAA sent a letter to Mayor Faulconer recently complaining about them and their unwillingness to work with their neighbor to mitigate traffic during the fair. It was a public safety hazard as ambulance/fire/police response times were so negatively impacted. Unfortunately it seems that the city doesn’t care about us either since they are making money off of the Surf Cup lease.

    All Surf Cup cares about is the tons of money they are making at all of our expense. I can’t get to my home some days due to traffic, some people can’t get out of their neighborhoods, there is noise and whistles starting as early as 5:45am till 8pm, road signs left up for weeks that are hazards at night and visual blight, multiplying port-a-potties and tents, now advertising banners, parents speeding through the area to drop off kids, making illegal u-turns and dropping off kids in the middle of the roadway, so much dust people can’t open their windows and their homes are covered in layers of dirt, and now stadium lights at night too. PLEASE.JUST.GO.AWAY! We don’t want Surf Cup here – you are destroying our quality of life.

    I hope you reconsider Drew, and don’t tarnish your good name and reputation that you have worked hard to build by partnering with these bad neighbors. Their actions are destroying the largest investment that most of us have – our homes (and our peace and quality of life that go with it). We bought in this area 18 years ago because it was more rural and we liked the tranquility. No more. It seems like there is a huge soccer tournament every weekend or else Surf Cup subleases to someone else for lacrosse events, etc. when they aren’t using it. And they don’t care about anything but themselves, as they have continuously ignored neighbor complaints. You are better than them, Drew. Just walk away. What they are doing to the neighborhood is wrong. You don’t want to be complicit in that.