Team Profile: Ballistic Soccer Club wins Albion Cup GU11

Team Profile: Ballistic Soccer Club wins Albion Cup GU11

There I was covering the 2019 Soccerloco Albion Cup National Soccer Showcase at the SoCal Sports Complex in Oceanside. After I took pictures at a few championship games and awards ceremonies (more articles coming soon), I found myself in the big entrance tunnel on my way to my car.

Hawaii’s Ballistic Soccer Club

That’s when I came across the most adorable group of little soccer girls I’d seen in a long time. This was Ballistic Soccer Club from Hawaii. Ballistic’s G2009 team was radiating happiness as they all took pictures with their shiny new Albion Cup trophy and medals. Perhaps our paths crossed just as the sugar from their smoothies hit their bloodstreams. Whatever the reason for their giddiness, they were delightful little bundles of energy, and I wanted to know more about them.

Unlike the Boys Under 18 game I had shot earlier in the day, this team all had matching bows in their hair.

As I flashed my “MEDIA” badge, I asked one of the moms if I could take a picture of them with their trophy and feature the team on SoccerNation. (Spoiler alert!) They agreed. The girls happily posed together for a team photo, and another, and another.

The team mom described the championship game to me:

image courtesy of Ballistic Soccer Club

“Oh my gosh, it was so exciting! We were losing 1-0 with just a few minutes left. But the girls never gave up, and we scored right at the end! All of us were so happy. Then it went to overtime, and we scored the golden goal! All of the moms were all hugging and crying. It was so amazing. When we all thought the game was over, to tie it up and then win it, it was so fun. We’re so happy for the girls. We all came over here from Hawaii and all of these families are great friends. The trip would have been great no matter what happened today, but this is just amazing.”

Coach Jerry Proctor said:

“Win or lose, we came to play soccer, continue to learn and improve and spread our ALOHA spirit.”

To Coach Jerry and all of the Ballistic Soccer Club G2009 families: CONGRATULATIONS! Enjoy the rest of your time in SoCal (I think there are visits to Disneyland and Universal happening as I type this, in fact), and safe travels back to Hawaii!


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    Patrick Moran 3 years

    Aloha Carey,
    Thank you so much for the great article on the girls!! They are so excited to be featured and represent Hawaii. Just wanted to say thank you to the coaches, parents and everyone at Albion who made it such a great experience. Also wanted to congratulate our Ballistic GU07 girls and GU09 boys teams who also competed and made it to the playoffs!!

    In addition, Congratulate to another club from Hawaii Pipeline GU10 girls on winning their division!! Way to go girls!!

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    Nate Lau 3 years

    Much Mahalo Carey for the write up and great opportunity for our keiki from Hawai’i! Great timing indeed to catch you on our way out and thank you for being part of this wonderful journey for the girls, making memories!

    Take care,


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