Coming to SoccerNation: Alumni Corner

Coming to SoccerNation: Alumni Corner

Stories of soccer journeys to educate and inspire

SoccerNation is excited to announce Alumni Corner! Starting in February, we will be featuring a new soccer alum every month.

4 Weeks of Great Stories and Inspiration for Soccer Families

Every week, we will journey along through the life of a successful adult who grew up playing The Beautiful Game. This morning, I had a great interview with our first Alumni Feature, and you’re going to love the story!

Week 1: The Younger Years

Every Alumni Corner will start off with Week 1: The Youngers Years. Youth soccer. Club soccer. Influential adults and inspiring coaches. You’ll read about them all as our featured alum takes us through the years of youth soccer.

Week 2: Recruiting Journey

For Week 2, we head into the high school years. College recruiting. High school soccer (or no high school soccer, in some cases). Stress and excitement.

High school years are already fraught with drama and stress. Balancing the stress of recruiting while striving to continue enjoying the game is a difficult line to walk. We will talk about it all during Week 2!

Week 3: Peak Soccer

All of our featured Alumni will have peaked at some point. Maybe during high school. Maybe during the college years before graduating and pursuing a career away from the field.

Our first Featured Alumni has had an amazing career that continued well beyond college soccer. World Cups. Olympics. Pro Soccer. Our first Alumni did it all! With every Featured Alumni, we’ll talk all about the highs and the lows of the “Peak Years.”

Week 4: #NARPlife

NARP: Non-Athletic Regular Person

It’s a well-known moniker among college students and millennials. Once the “Peak” athletic years are in the rearview mirror, #NARPlife begins for everyone — later for some than others. During Week 4, we will learn all about how the life lessons from the soccer field have translated into #NARPlife for our Featured Alumni.

Stay Tuned! Alumni Corner debuts next week!