Attack Summer Classic 2020 Offers RISK-FREE Registration for Teams

Attack Summer Classic 2020 Offers RISK-FREE Registration for Teams

Health and Safety First

Under current California health mandates, soccer tournaments are not allowed. Teams can conduct socially-distanced drills and practices. Scrimmages between two teams, however, can’t even happen. Many California summer tournaments, like Copa Del Mar, have been cancelled for 2020.

The latest guidelines for soccer training:

  • Max group size: 12, not counting coaches.
  • Groups must be “stable.” Athletes can not move from one group to another. (modeled after the child care center guidelines that have already been approved and put into practice).
  • Clubs and coaches are encouraged to keep rosters of the groups of 12 in case documentation is needed in the future.
  • Health screenings / symptom checks on-site ARE required. Anyone who is showing symptoms is expected stay home.
  • Children do not need to wear masks while training.
  • Children should bring their own equipment to training, and equipment must be disinfected frequently.
  • Individual skills training and fitness are to be emphasized. Personal contact is expected but needs to be minimized whenever possible.
  • Scrimmages and contact within the group of 12 are allowed, so 6v6 max.
  • Parents and spectators are allowed to observe training session, but social distancing must be maintained.
  • Families who are reluctant to return, for any reason, must be respected.

Attack Summer Classic Offers Risk-Free Registration for 2020, currently scheduled for Aug 22-23

Hoping that health and safety guidelines will be updated in the next few months, Attack Summer Classic organizers are moving ahead. The tournament is currently scheduled for August 22-23. Registration is open, and close to 200 teams have already applied.

According to Marilee Pacelli, who is in charge of the ASC, “The health and safety of everyone involved is most important. We would never move forward with the tournament if we thought that we couldn’t do so safely. And we will, of course, follow all of California’s health and safety mandates. Teams want to play. The kids need it. Sports are so important. So we are doing our best keep everyone safe and healthy, and also get the kids out on the field.”

“We will not charge the registration fee until we are absolutely sure we are able to hold the tournament.”

Pacelli continued, “We aren’t charging fees when a team registers for the tournament. When a team applies to the tournament, their credit card is not charged. Any team who sent in a check — we haven’t cashed them yet, and we won’t, until we’re sure ASC will happen. We will not charge the registration fee to credit cards until we are absolutely sure we are able to hold the tournament. Also, any team can back out if they have already applied. This is absolutely risk-free.”

Teams can get more info and register HERE.

There is also a possibility that the tournament could be moved to a later date in the year. If that happens, registration will continue to be risk-free. Any team that had registered based on the August 22-23 dates will be allowed to back out.

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