66 Attack Players Make UT All-Academic Team


66 Attack Players Make UT All-Academic Team

The San Diego Union-Tribune named over 4,000 student-athletes to UT All-Academic Teams for the 2016-2017 winter season for high school sports. RSF

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The San Diego Union-Tribune named over 4,000 student-athletes to UT All-Academic Teams for the 2016-2017 winter season for high school sports.

RSF Attack has always emphasized strong academics to all of their high school families. This academic focus was shown with 66 Attack players on the UT All-Academic list. All-Academic teams include juniors and seniors who participated in a CIF-approved varsity sport and maintained a cumulative, weighted grade-point average of 3.0 or better.

Congratulations also to Chris DePetro, Attack B98 and Canyon Crest Academy, who was named the Boys Soccer All-Academic Team Captain.  This award is symbolic of the sports Academic Athlete of the Year.  Chris will be continuing his soccer career at NCAA Division I Colgate University later this year.

Here are all RSF Attack All-Academic players by team:

G2000 Elite

  • Haley Aker, Jr, 3.25, Del North
  • Grace Mazzilli, Jr, 4.03, San Dieguito
  • Ava Patton, Jr, 3.92. San Dieguito
  • Melissa Thomas, Jr, 3.82, Santa Fe Christian
  • Ashley Serven, Jr, 4.03, Torrey Pines

G99 Elite

  • Jessica Fleck, Jr, 3.67, Canyon Crest
  • Amanda Collins, Jr, 3.56, Del Norte
  • Abigail Prager, Jr, 3.72, Mt. Carmel
  • Trinity Hontucan, Sr, 3.67, Santa Fe Christian
  • Reese Billington, Jr, 3.53, Torrey Pines
  • Emma Pacelli, Jr, 4.10, Torrey Pines
  • Laura Walton, Jr, 3.97, Torrey Pines

G98 Elite

  • Kira Nolan, Sr, 4.58, Bishops
  • Quincy Erturk, Sr, 4.15, Canyon Crest
  • Julia Tierney, Sr, 3.79, Canyon Crest
  • Page Ranney, Sr, 3.22, Rancho Buena Vista
  • Camille Nosewicz, Sr, 3.73, San Marcos
  • Savannah Rosengreen, Jr. 3.43, San Marcos
  • Sherrie Antoun, Sr. 3.79, Torrey Pines
  • Katherine Dove, Sr. 3.35, Torrey Pines
  • Jayda Hammermeister, Sr. 3.13, Torrey Pines
  • Megan Klingensmith, Sr. 3.67, Torrey Pines
  • Chloe Seipt, Sr. 3.28, Torrey Pines (Randolf-Macon College)

B98 Academy I

B98 Academy II

  • Nicholas Bresnahan, Sr, 3.41, Canyon Crest
  • Shimon Chait, Sr,4.15, Canyon Crest
  • Brian Chung, Sr, 3.93, Canyon Crest
  • Victor Dufour, Sr, 3.56, Canyon Crest
  • Alejandro Espinoza, Sr, 3.71, Canyon Crest
  • Mauricio Espinoza, Jr, 3.65, Canyon Crest
  • Jaime Fournier, Sr, 3.91, Canyon Crest
  • Matthew Guerena, Sr, 3.98, Canyon Crest
  • Daniel Kilroy, Sr, 3.09, Canyon Crest
  • Evan Shapiro, Sr, 3.21, Canyon Crest
  • Alejandro Kravzov, Sr, 3.95, Torrey Pines

B98 Academy III

  • Geoffrey Geissinger, Sr, 4.14, Canyon Crest
  • Sean O’Callaghan, Sr, 3.24, Del Norte
  • Connor Gietzen, Sr, 4.00, Santa Fe Christian
  • Spencer Beals, Sr, 3.74, Torrey Pines
  • Mason Hall, Jr, 3.75, Torrey Pines

B99 Academy

  • Zachary Pilarski, Jr, 3.25, Bishops
  • Seung Jo Woo, Sr, 4.13, Bishops
  • Sean Bridges, Jr, 3.91, Canyon Crest
  • Eli Collin, Sr, 3.86, Canyon Crest
  • Conner Hunt, Jr, 3.47, Canyon Crest
  • Robert Guerrero, Sr, 3.95, Orange Glen
  • Ulises Ramirez, Sr, 3.33, Orange Glen
  • Justin Diehl, Jr, 4.16, Torrey Pines
  • Blake Muchnick, Jr, 4.12, Torrey Pines
  • Jordan Watkins, Jr, 4.13, Torrey Pines
  • Connor Wood, Jr, 3.90, Torrey Pines