You Won’t Die if You Choose Not to Play College Soccer after Club

Are you a failure if you’ve been playing club soccer for years but don’t end up playing in college?

We are in a time of frantic and stressful college soccer recruiting. Therefore many families are feeling pressure to land a spot on a college team.  Now is a good moment to remember that college soccer isn’t the perfect choice for everyone.  College soccer may have been the goal for years and years, however choosing to NOT play in college is the appropriate path for many players.

Does that mean the years of club soccer were a waste?

Does that mean all the money spent on club soccer was basically thrown in a shredder?

Absolutely not.

Listen to Zack Manship and his dad explain…

The bottom line is this: Try not to stress about college soccer recruiting. Don’t feel like high-level club soccer was a waste of time and money if you choose not to play in college.  There’s a perfect fit for everyone. Above all, the life skills you developed during your years of competitive soccer will serve you very well in your adult life.