US Men’s National Team Dominates Gold Cup with Style

US Men’s National Team Dominates Gold Cup with Style

Star-Spangled Scoring: The New Jerseys of the USMNT

If you’ve been cheering on the USA during the CONCACAF Gold Cup, you’ve probably noticed that the U.S. Men’s National Team is rocking a new jersey design.

The design debuted in the friendly match between USA and Ghana. Red and navy blue stripes crisscross around the body of the jersey, and the navy stripes are also inlaid with obsidian stars that seem to shine in the light from flashing cameras.

The navy color also stretches out and covers the shoulders, where white silicon American flag-inspired stars line the shirt sleeves. It’s an inspired style that seems to turn the U.S. Men’s National Team into superheroes, especially in the close-ups after scoring a goal.

But the shirt is much more than just a cool design – it embodies the mantras of the U.S. Men’s National Team. The words “One Nation” are inscribed on the left shirt-sleeve, while “One Team” is on the right. “We Can,” “We Will,” and “We Are” is adorned on the back of the jersey and “Inner Pride” is appropriately knitted into the inner collar. The words inspire fans and team members alike, and can be heard chanted throughout USA stadiums.

The kits are also environmentally friendly. As part of Nike’s effort to create sustainable clothing, each official kit is made with recycled materials, the jersey and shorts being crafted from a polyester fabric made of recycled plastic bottles. About 16 bottles go into each kit.

The new uniform looks amazing, especially when the team is scoring goals and dominating in the Gold Cup!

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