Under Armour and Bite Tech release the World’s First Antimicrobial Mouthguard

Under Armour and Bite Tech release the World’s First Antimicrobial Mouthguard

Introducing, the world’s first line of Antimicrobial Mouthguards!  These top of the line mouth guards use patented Bite Tech technology in Under Armour Performance mouthwear.  These mouth pieces offer the protection you need on the field all while inhibiting the growth of bacteria and microrganisms.  In turn, the antimicrobial technology prevents yucky stains, smelly odors or damage to your mouthpiece.  Both the ArmourBite and UA FlavorBlast pieces are embedded with a patented EPA approved silver-ion antimicrobial technology, so it won’t wash or wear off.   ArmourBite comes in Black, blue and red colors.  UA FlavorBlast comes in bubble gum, fruit punch, berry and cool mint flavors.  Protectively delicious!

Don’t usually wear a mouth piece?  Here’s why you should start:  Studies have shown the amazing health benefits and improved performance by using a mouth piece.

Clench Protection: It is natural to clench while playing an intense sport such as soccer, by wearing a mouth piece it improves your focus and concentration on the field.  It also protects your teeth and jaw from the pressure and stress of your clenching.

Increased Strength:  Studies and research have shown a 10% strength increase while using a mouth piece compared to exercising without one.  That 10% could mean the game; out run and out last your opponent with a mouth piece.

Better breathing:  Wearing a mouthpiece enhances your breathing, it is crucial to allow plenty of oxygen to flow to your pounding muscles.  It also reduced the buildup of lactic acid and cortisol so you’re ready for your next match without the soreness.

Face shot protection: Last but not least, you’ll protect that million dollar smile while doing what you love.

Learn more at: http://www.bitetech.com/