Back for another edition of Tunesday, with a focus on some phenomenal live acts that are rolling through Southern California this week.

Alt-J – Warm Foothills
I could have picked any song from either of their phenomenal albums and you would have been hooked. I went with Warm Foothills to start us off on the mellow side before we build up to a final crescendo. If you’re digging all the whistles and fun sounds from these fellas from Leeds, check them out in San Diego on Tuesday night (that’s tonight!) or in Los Angeles on Thursday night at the Hollywood Bowl.

The War on Drugs – An Ocean In Between the Waves
These fellas sure do know how to compose a great song. I don’t know if it’s the slow start that gets me or the good feels I’m left with by the time the final drum hits, but this song puts a smile on my face every single time. Whatever it is, it’s dripping with Americana and I love it. They’re sure to play this and plenty of other jams at The Greek Theater on Friday night.

Gary Clark Jr – Travis County
Those of you headed to see the Foo Fighters in Anaheim on Saturday, be sure to get there early to take in the sounds of Gary Clark Jr. Mixing equal parts blues and rock n roll, along with his ability to completely shred on the guitar, makes this a can’t miss live act. Gary Clark Jr and his band are more than capable of getting you in the mood to for a night of rock with the Foo Fighters.

Florence + The Machine – How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful
I know this isn’t the full song, but there is just something about Flo’s voice and those triumphant horns that does it for me. Yes, the actual song is wonderful, but give me this small portion by itself and I’m all set. Thinking about it more, this probably should have come at the start of my list to really kick things off with a bang, but let’s leave it as the closer and end things on a high note. Check out Flo and her mates in San Diego on Wednesday night or at the Hollywood Bowl on Friday and Saturday night.

So your schedule for the rest of the week is Florence + The Machine in San Diego on Wednesday night, travel up to LA to see Alt-J on Thursday night and The War on Drugs on Friday night, and then down to Anaheim to see Gary Clark Jr and the Foo Fighters on Saturday night. Sounds like a plan, see you all there!
-Stay Whiskey Neat-