Deportivo Coras USA Strive for Top Spot

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Deportivo Coras USA Strive for Top Spot

Deportivo Coras USA is coming for the top spot in the National Premier Soccer League (NPSL). After narrowly finishing in second place in 2015 durin

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Deportivo Coras USA is coming for the top spot in the National Premier Soccer League (NPSL).

After narrowly finishing in second place in 2015 during their inaugural NPSL season, Deportivo Coras USA is hungry to claim the top spot in the Southwest Division. Last years champion’s, the San Diego Flash, have closed shop to reorganize and pursue other options. Even without the Flash, the competition in 2016 will be tough with the expansion of four new teams in the region. Despite the augmented opposition, Deportivo Coras USA still plan to be top of the standings in 2016 due to the quality of players they attract and develop.

Coras USA Signing

Julio Ayala

The expansion of the Southwest Division has brought many benefits, but also increased competition, especially for top quality players. Nevertheless, Coras USA still believes they can draw top players from across the entire Inland Empire. They certainly have a solid platform, top-notch resources and unyielding ambition to be the best in the region. Coras USA hold a strong affiliation with Mexico’s second division team Deportivo Tepic FC (Tepic, Nayarit), who also go by “Coras de Tepic.” The strong relationship with the Ascenso MX team has facilitated player “loans” to Coras USA with talented young players that can make a difference on the field. In return, Coras USA has been able to give these talented young players a crucial playing time at a high level, renewed confidence and exposed them to the quality of Southern Californian soccer. One such player is Cristian Zamora, who recently re-signed with Deportivo Tepic in Mexico, after a year in Riverside with Coras USA. Zamora is a perfect example of what the Deportivo Coras USA (and the NPSL as a whole) strives to achieve: providing a platform for young, talented soccer players to excel and reach a higher professional level.

When top quality players see a clear pathway to the next level they are automatically drawn to become part of that organization. This is something Director of Club Operations Andres Otañez clearly in mindful of. He knows that the best players in the region need to have aspirations to reach the next level, that is why [pull_quote_center]“Coras FC caters to young graduates, to provide outlets in the soccer environment. Obviously we want to continue to have (on field) success stories like Zamora, but it doesn’t always happen so we help them stay in the soccer microcosm in marketing, operations, etc.”[/pull_quote_center] A great initiative that takes creates a positive step for the professional development of young soccer players in Southern California.

Attracting top-quality soccer players in the Inland Empire is still a major part of the equation to becoming the 2016 NPSL Southwest Division Champion. Andres Otañez recently stated,“We’re prepping now to compete for the top spot.” Players are getting fit, coaches are planning training sessions and the front office is scouring the region for the best the region has to offer. With strong relationships with a professional Mexican team, previous NPSL success, and ambition be league champions, Deportivo Coras USA is team to watch out for in 2016!

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