Tuesday Tunes AKA Tunesday – December 15, 2015

Tuesday Tunes AKA Tunesday – December 15, 2015

I’ve gone into the vault to build some of this week’s playlist. The first and last tracks of this playlist are two of my absolute favorite songs.  I have spent countless hours on the field with these two in the background.  This week starts with Bag Raider’s Shooting Stars.  I will let it speak for itself, but guaranteed it will be on repeat.  It continues with tracks from RAC and House De Racket. Apparently, I cannot break away from FIFA, because I’ve added yet another FIFA track.  Digitalism’s Pogo is one of those instant classics.  This week concludes with arguably one of my favorite songs ever created.  Touch Sensitive’s Pizza Guy is magnetic.  It’s fast, inspiring, and the perfect way to end this week’s Tuesday Tunes.  Please enjoy, and stay tuned.