Three Encinitas Express Players Identified By Generation Adidas

Three Encinitas Express Players Identified By Generation Adidas

Encinitas Express Soccer is an elite youth development soccer club in the northern reaches of San Diego County. Registered as a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, Encinitas Express provides competitive and recreational soccer programs for more than 1,500 soccer players between the ages of 5 and 19 residing in the communities of Encinitas, Leucadia, Cardiff and South Carlsbad.

Recently, three players currently with Encinitas Express have been identified by a generation adidas international program and invited to train in elite settings in Europe. Built as a grassroots platform, generation adidas International ​emphasizes adidas’ role as the premier provider of elite developmental opportunities to soccer clubs in the United States.

With generation adidas international’s incomparable access to the world’s top academies and tournaments, players at adidas clubs such as Encinitas Express have the opportunity to train and play at the sport’s most renowned institutions. With generation adidas international, the world of adidas soccer opens its doors.

Jamie Ma has been selected for one of the 32 spots for the generation adidas international Olympique Lyonnais Select Program.

Ma is 14 years old and plays for Encinitas Express. She is “excited to have the opportunity to go on this once in a lifetime trip,” and she feels honored to have been selected to play with this elite group of ladies. “I am most excited about training with such a variety of great coaches and the opportunity to play with new teammates. I cannot wait to be exposed to different styles of play and have the chance to play internationally.”

Jamie Ma 

Olympique Lyonnais’s multitude of trophies includes 15 Division 1 Féminine titles, 9 Coupe de France Féminine titles, and 3 Women’s Champion’s League titles. In addition to being trained by Olympique Lyonnais Academy coaches, Ma will play in international friendly matches against Academy teams and receive an individual evaluation from Olympique Lyonnais Academy coaches – an
opportunity presented to very few American players.

Additionally, Jacob Chong and Garrett Sevison will travel to Madrid, Spain to train with Real Madrid Foundation coaches through invite only generation adidas international Select. The two players have been selected to fill two of only 32 available slots in the generation adidas international Real Madrid Foundation Select Program.

Each year the top adidas youth soccer clubs nationwide have the exclusive opportunity to nominate players and coaches to participate in the generation adidas international Select program. 96 talented players have been invited to train this August at Real Madrid Foundation, A.F.C. Ajax, and Olympique Lyonnais – three of the world’s most powerful soccer clubs.

Chong is excited for the opportunity to travel and play soccer at the same time. From the program, he hopes to “learn what the professional coaches are looking for,” and he hopes to gain “experience and exposure”. Sevison looks forward to the high-level training he will receive as a goalkeeper and he is excited to improve his skills. He hopes to continue playing at a high level for as long as possible and is grateful for this experience.

“The opportunity to go and train with Real Madrid coaches is unbelievable.” – Garrett Sevison

Jacob Chong

Real Madrid CF’s multitude of trophies includes 33 La Liga titles, 19 Copa del Rey titles, and 12 Champion’s League titles. In addition to being trained by Real Madrid Foundation coaches, Chong will play in international friendly matches against Academy teams and receive an individual evaluation from Real Madrid Foundation coaches – an opportunity presented to very few American players.