The end of an era. “The Water Towers” Soccer Facility Shut Down by City

The end of an era. “The Water Towers” Soccer Facility Shut Down by City

City officials abruptly shut down all operations at San Diego Indoor Soccer in North Park on September 26

image courtesy of San Diego Indoor Soccer Center and Let’s Play Soccer Inc.

If you or your kids play soccer in San Diego, you know “The Water Towers.” The North Park landmark has been a mainstay in the local soccer landscape for decades. More than a million San Diegans have participated and stepped foot on its grounds since the facility opened in 1988.

On September 26th, however, the City of San Diego shut down the facility due to structural issues. Oscar Urteaga, a spokesman for San Diego Indoor Soccer Center, told me:

“…The City notified San Diego Indoor Soccer Center that all games and activities would need to stop due to structural erosion and necessary repairs of the water reservoir below. Since then, owners and staff have been working diligently to get the games restarted at an alternative location”

image courtesy of SDISC Facebook

Over $1million invested since 2013

San Diego built the water towers and reservoir in the 1950s. Before soccer, the facility was a car lot and the Folsom Tennis Club. San Diego Indoor Soccer leased the facility and opened in 1988. In 2013, San Diego granted a long-term lease to SDIC. Since signing that new lease, SDISC has invested over a million dollars in property infrastructure. Improvements include ADA accessibility and other features designed to enhance experience for all players and fans.

image courtesy of SDISC

Searching for a new location

The search is on for a new location. San Diego, however, isn’t exactly the easiest area for finding real estate. Oscar added, “Anyone who has searched for a home or apartment recently in San Diego can understand how difficult it can be to find an ideal location that fits one’s needs. It gets especially challenging when you include all necessary elements that meets our players expectations, meets City requirements, and that doesn’t impose on our friends and neighbors.”

San Diego commits to help

Mike Garrett, Development & Operations for LetsPlaySoccer Inc., told me, “As with any type of infrastructure, repairs are imminent, sometimes unexpected. We appreciate the City staff, the Mayor and elected officials for committing to help us find solutions to get games back up and running ASAP.”

image courtesy of SDISC

“…the most loyal and dedicated players anywhere in the country”

”SDISC is proud to have some of the most loyal and dedicated players anywhere in the country. We believe it’s because we have demonstrated a commitment of investing in our fields, player safety, constantly training our refs and staff, and providing a consistent fun experience. Every game, every season” – Gary Archer, President & Owner, LetsPlaySoccer Inc.

Will the new facility be permanent or temporary?

When the San Diego Indoor Soccer Center finds a new home and gets games going again, will that new home be temporary or permanent? Based on the email that went out to their community, it looks like the era of “The Water Towers” has ended. SDISC leadership is searching for a temporary home to get games up and running soon. They are also searching for a new expanded permanent home. The new home will hopefully allow for more fields, improved parking, and even better experience for players, families, and fans:

image courtesy of SDISC Facebook

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