Sunday Agenda: Football, Football, FUTBOL!

Sunday Agenda: Football, Football, FUTBOL!

Sunday Sunday Sunday!

If you haven’t finalized your Sunday schedule, you have now.

First on the sports agenda, if you’re a sports fan and love playoffs:
Titans vs Chiefs at noon on CBS:

San Diego fans may care a bit about wanting to see the division-rival Kansas City Chiefs play. So, feel free to watch this whole game. Hopefully it will be a good one.

Next up, Packers ‘Niners. 3:30pm on Fox

Let’s face it, we can stop watching this one at halftime, or even earlier. Does anyone in San Diego really care about the outcome of this game enough to stick around and watch the whole telecast? You can just check the score on your phone. Catch the highlights on Twitter.


You have a 5pm game to get to!

It’s SD Loyal night at the Sockers game!

Kickoff is at 5:05pm. Watch a bit of the Cheese Heads vs the Red and Gold if you really want to. Then, get the family to Sports Arena Blvd. Tickets will be available at the door starting at $15, and parking is free! And you want one of those rally towels. You know you do.

See you there!