The Catalyst Training Center Goes Nomad

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The Catalyst Training Center Goes Nomad

Alicia Piz and Matt Couch are well known in youth soccer circles here in San Diego and for good cause. The Catalyst Training Center (TCTC) has helped

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Alicia Piz and Matt Couch are well known in youth soccer circles here in San Diego and for good cause. The Catalyst Training Center (TCTC) has helped thousands of youth soccer players in the nearly 7 years since they first opened their doors. And now those doors are shutting in order to open new opportunities.

As of November 13th The Catalyst Training Center is going mobile. Digital. The true value of the Center’s offering is in the remarkable training provided by the staff, not the walls and ceiling and equipment. In an effort to improve their training services, Matt and Alicia have spent much of the last 2 years developing a Digital Platform that enables aspiring players to take their game into the digital age. Part Yelp, part Craigslist and part University of Phoenix, the Catalyst Soccer Digital Platform offers two distinct modes of service.

Users can schedule training sessions directly with Certified Personal Soccer Trainers who are Personal Trainers specifically for footballers, using a geo-enabled mapping system that matches players to trainers nearby. The Platform also includes a ranking system that enables users to provide feedback about each trainer.

“Since 2014 we have been working to develop a digital training and education platform. It’s primary objective is to connect soccer players with qualified Catalyst trainers for private lessons and we are ready to launch this system at full scale. Therefore, we need to redirect our focus away from operating the facility and sharpen it toward providing better training services to more of San Diego,” said Alicia in a statement. “This means that we will assign trainers to various outdoor locations around the county for providing a higher volume of private soccer lessons than we could do with just 1 location.”

The second facet of the Catalyst Soccer Digital Platform is a comprehensive educational curriculum that enables experienced soccer athletes to pursue a certification as a Catalyst Personal Soccer Trainer. The course is rigorous and based the Catalyst Soccer methods that have been mastered in more than 22,000 hours of private lessons. According to the designer, Matt Couch, it takes about a month to complete the course online followed by a year of continued education workshops. Once new trainers have been certified, they are capable of working anywhere around the country, not just San Diego county. This revolutionary new Platform truly is a catalyst for change in the personal coaching and training landscape. The game is changing. Are you keeping up?

To learn more about Catalyst Soccer Training and Education, please visit their website.