Supporting Antiracism Through the Game

Supporting Antiracism Through the Game

The tragic and unnecessary death of George Floyd has set off a wave of protests and support for anti-racism. Solidarity against racism has been declared by institutions and clubs around the world. Soccer is the global game and multiracial teams are common in leagues from youth to professional. We all benefit from interracial relationships made through the world’s most popular sport. For some time there has been an effort to take racist actions out of our game. It’s proven to be a difficult task as noted in this recent incident and there is still a long way to go. Many players, like Jadon Sancho have used their influence to speak out against racism supporting #BlackLivesMatter.

We are at what should be a monumental moment in history and our era. Now is the time (actually it’s way past due) to make systemic changes that will truly embrace people of all skin colors. Racism has been an issue for far too long and needs to be eradicated from the game and our world.

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One Team, One Goal 🔥

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Let our game, the global game, really live up to its title as ‘the beautiful game’ by moving forward to have zero tolerance for racism at any level of our sport. We must first challenge ourselves on a deeper level than we have before and identify what that looks like for us personally. Then we can look at the institutions and clubs we support and help advocate for antiracism.

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Enough Is Enough!! #StopRacism 🤜🏻🤛🏿

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Questions to ask …

Can I give sacrificially to the causes supporting people of color? How do I stand up for those that are oppressed because of the color of their skin? Are the institutions and clubs I support, whether youth, amateur or professional, promoting anti-racism by more than a statement? Is it obvious that there is compassion and outreach toward those that have less opportunity at the club I support and how diverse is the leadership? These questions are a great place to start and then we can follow up with actions that support people of color. Now is the time and this is what is needed in the world and in our sport. A place to start is If you have resources, ideas or insights please leave them in the comments below. #BlackLivesMatter


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    Mike Hollimon 5 months

    This is a great article, I will share this with my Soccer parents. It’s a very important topic and soccer must be at the forefront of a zero tolerance of racism on and off the pitch.

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    Jennifer Bickel 5 months

    Great article Shawn!!!

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    Cara 5 months

    “ We must first challenge ourselves on a deeper level than we have before and identify what that looks like for us personally.”

    This is great. The first step in becoming a true ally against racism and social inequality is digging deeper within ourselves and committing to continued learning.

    Just because we have black teammates or friends does not omit racism from our lives. We must continue to learn and dig deeper than ever to understand what racism truly means, so we can provide the support to our black brothers and sisters and assist with movement and growth with our white neighbors.

    Our country has been economically, morally, and systemically built on racism. Many of us with privilege do not see this. Now is the time to challenge our previous illusions. #blacklivesmatter

    Possible resources:
    Watch- 13th, Just Mercy, The Hate U Give
    Read- White Fragility, Me and White Supremacy: Combat Racism, Change the World, and Become a Good Ancestor
    Listen-Pod Save the People, Raising White Kids
    Donate- Black Lives Matter, George Floyd Memorial Fund

    Thank you for the article Shawn.

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    JAR 4 months

    Beautiful insight Shawn B!!!!  I would concur, as an athlete; young or old. Black. White, Asian, Hispanic, Cuban, Jewish, Catholic  etc….  we all have to look out for each other and push each other to be better athletes, people, friends and develop an understanding for our teammates and competitors everyday, on the field and off, as One!  In a perfect world, we all would learn and mimic each other in multiple facets of life and sport to excel!  The very day this is understood, we would all see and be better people! Understanding and coming together will makes us move and act in a promising manor to prove our valor!  Playing, competiting, laughing, sweating and remembering why we are all here……. is to make the world a better place!!!!!! 


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    Matt S. 4 months

    Thanks for getting the conversation going in the soccer community Shawn!

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    Ian E 4 months

    Completely agree mate! Our sport holds such a powerful place in society – and has the opportunity (obligation) to be an absolute change agent in making THIS time – a true turning point. Enough is enough.

    Here’s a link that has great resources to listen, read, watch, act, engage, notice, connect, reflect and more:

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