SoccerNation TV is on the air: WATCH NOW!

SoccerNation TV is on the air: WATCH NOW!

You’ve heard of, the online voice of soccer in San Diego, Baja, and beyond. You know what it means to be locally grown and nationally known. You’ve listened to the SoccerNation Podcast (#SNPod), and seen our work on social media.

Now we’re taking SoccerNation to the online airwaves with our new show, SoccerNation TV, presented by soccerloco! (#SNTV)

The show is for you, the fan of the beautiful game. #SNTV will spotlight all the things we love about the game of soccer, from right here in our own backyard in Southern California, to stories from all around the footballing world. The personalities, the flavors, the sights and sounds, they will all be a part of SoccerNation TV.

In the debut episode of #SNTV, host Nate Abaurrea is joined by Editor-In-Chief Dike Anyiwo, and has an engaging interview with South Sudan international and proud San Diegan Duach Jock, looking at Duach’s career to date, his upbringing in San Diego, and his humanitarian work with the #FootballForPeaceSouthSudan movement. Then Nate and Dike check out the latest cleat releases from soccerloco.

After you watch the show, be sure to comment on this page and share your thoughts on all social media outlets. Follow @Soccer_Nation on Twitter, & soccerloco on Facebook, and @soccerloco on Instagram.