Soccer Girl Problems Launches Summer Camps Nationwide, San Diego: July 27-31

Soccer Girl Problems Launches Summer Camps Nationwide, San Diego: July 27-31

Last week, a soccer mom friend of mine sent me an instagram post and asked “Have you heard of this?”

I could understand why she thought to ask me. I work a lot with San Diego Loyal SC, and there’s the club logo at the top of the image for the San Diego camp.

Like so many soccer fans, I follow Soccer Girl Problems on Instagram, but I had missed that post. I didn’t know about their camps. The soccer mom friend of mine who asked me has three daughters, so of course, she was curious. Once I saw the post, I was curious, too!

So I fired off a DM to SGP. Within a day, I was on the phone with the ladies. We talked all about their passion for helping girls across the country.

“We are passionate about providing strong female role models”

Emily Scott told me, “We are passionate about providing strong female role models, and helping them become role models in their own lives, too.”

I asked Emily if their camps could be considered recruiting camps, summer/fun camps, ID camps, or something else.

She answered, “That’s a great question. There are so many camps these days. Our camps are for girls aged 10-18. Our staff includes pro players, pro coaches, college coaches, all wonderful female leaders and role models. So, sure, there’s a chance for recruiting, but we aren’t a recruiting or ID camp specifically. We try to offer a little bit of everything. We focus on the whole person. Not just soccer skills or college recruiting.”

“We want to show girls a pathway for future leaders and mentors.”

“We want to show girls a pathway for future leaders and mentors. Soccer is so much more than a game. Soccer teaches you lessons you can’t learn anywhere else.”

Leslie Osborne would agree! Read about the lessons she learned from soccer here, and how she translated them into a successful business.

Emily continued, “We focus on the whole person. There’s a lot of soccer, for sure! But our all-female staff is all about life lessons, leadership, and mentoring. The camps this summer are going to be great. We are really exited about them!”

San Diego: July 27-31

I asked Emily about the San Diego camp. The Instagram post for the San Diego camp shows the SD Loyal logo and USD’s Torero stadium. Emily said, “San Diego is going to be great. Carrie Taylor has been working with us, and she will be making an appearance our San Diego camp. We are still working out the details, but it looks like we will be on the SDSU campus.

Camp details:

SoccerGrlProbs Camps
All Girls Residential Age: 10 – 18 years old
Staff: All Female staff (all current and former college and professional coaches and players)
Duration: 4 days, 3 nightsLocations/Dates: 
Bowling Green State University (Bowling Green, Ohio) – June 28 – July 1
Austin College (Sherman, Texas) – July 19 – 22
San Diego (most likely SDSU) – July 27 – 31
Fairfield University (Fairfield, Connecticut) – August 2 – 5

“We don’t want to be known as just an ID camp, just a leadership focused camp, or just a skills camp.”

“With our camp structures, we want to bring something new to the current residential camp landscape. We don’t want to be known as just an ID camp, just a leadership focused camp, or just a skills camp. Rather we want to tie it all together and focus on helping our athletes succeed in all areas of life. Soccer can bring so many opportunities to the table for people and its impact extends so much further than just what’s done on the field.”

“We want to make sure that through our camps we’re not only getting our campers in front of college coaches but that we are giving them leadership tools, life skills, mentorships, and strong positive role models on and off the field.”

“With SoccerGrlProbs, we wanted to take everything stated above, one step further. We wanted to get our campers in front of strong female role models within the sports world and the soccer industry. We took it upon ourselves to have a fully female staff and partner with organizations such as the San Diego Loyal, who are committed to the advancement of women in the game.”

“The opportunities that are in front of our campers are wonderful. They will have the opportunity to meet and interact with potential mentors that they can continue to work with, even after camp is over.”

United Soccer Coaches, as well, is working with us to offer some coaching courses to our older campers in order to help them get on the coaching path and in turn get more females into coaching!”

“We want girls that come through our program to feel confident in pursuing coaching and career opportunities within the sport.”

“We want them to be able to walk away feeling like they have a family within SoccerGrlProbs Camps that will support them and help guide them in whatever they chose to pursue on and off the field!”

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