“So you’re telling me there’s a chance.” SD Loyal still in the hunt for a playoff spot.

“So you’re telling me there’s a chance.” SD Loyal still in the hunt for a playoff spot.

With last night’s draw, San Diego Loyal SC remains in the hunt for a Group B playoff spot. But they’ll need some help.

Four teams, two spots

SD Loyal is in a Group B battle for tickets to the USL Championship playoffs. Teams still in the hunt for the two playoff spots are:

  • San Diego Loyal SC
  • Phoenix Rising
  • LA Galaxy 2
  • Orange County SC

USL Championship analysts put Phoenix Rising’s playoff chances at over 99%. San Diego Loyal’s playoff hopes are calculated at 9%.

We all love sports because absolutely anything can happen. Often, the predictable result comes to pass. Sometimes, however, the impossible becomes reality. Especially in soccer. Anything can happen, and the season isn’t over yet.

Playoff picture: Points

The top two teams in group B earn playoff spots. Phoenix Rising are almost guaranteed first or second place in Group B. That leaves SD Loyal, Los Dos, and OCSC battling for the second spot.

Group B points as of September 24th:

Playoff picture: Games remaining

Phoenix Rising: Three games remaining

Saturday night, Phoenix Rising will host OCSC. The best result for SD Loyal would be a Phoenix win keeping OCSC even further out of the playoff picture.

Phoenix Rising’s final game next Wednesday, obviously, looms large.

Los Dos: Three games remaining

Get your multiple screen viewing ready to go. SD Loyal fans have two games to watch Saturday night at 7:30pm.

The best result for SD Loyal here would be for Vegas to win and play the role of party pooper, keeping the boys from Carson below Loyal in the standings.

OCSC: Three games remaining

Orange County SC heads to the dessert for Saturday night’s matchup. Analysts and fans constantly talk about the prowess of Phoenix Rising. They are beatable, though. San Diego Loyal proved that recently.

The best result on Saturday, for SD Loyal, would be for Phoenix to get back to their winning and goal-scoring ways. Just for one game, that is.

SD Loyal: One game remaining

This one is huge. obvi.

Playoff picture will be much more clear Sunday morning

When the sun rises on Sunday, the playoff picture will be in sharp focus. Even if OCSC and LA Galaxy II both win, though, SD Loyal’s playoffs hopes will still be alive.

Clear your calendar for Wednesday night.

Every Group B team will be kicking off at 7pm on Wednesday night. Phoenix may have secured their playoff spot by then. No matter what happens Saturday, though, second place will still be up for grabs.

Stock on up your favorite Stone Brewing beverages and get ready for a crazy night on Wednesday!

Then, we will all be waiting to see what happens on Saturday Oct 3rd. With fingers and toes crossed…