Shot Happens #7: Blowouts = The Bad Kind of Running in Soccer

In youth travel soccer, blowouts are inevitable. As hard as administrators and coaches try to match teams in tournaments and leagues equally, so games are just lopsided. Or the teams are evenly matched but one just plays better that day and the final score is 8-0. What happens next and how do we deal with blowouts?

In this episode, Reed and Robert talk about strategies for helping players and parents handle both sides of running up the score. How can you help your soccer player recover when they’ve just been mercilessly beaten by the other team? Conversely, how do you keep your kids grounded when their match was seemingly too easy. The advice and feedback the coach and newbie give may surprise you.

One note – this episode was recorded a few weeks back. Robert’s team since then has been on both sides of a lopsided scoreline and yes, what we talk about in this episode makes perfect sense!