Shot Happens #2: The Concussion Episode With Special Guest Nipun Chopra

Hosted by: Robert Hay and Coach Reed

“Shot Happens, but it doesn’t have to ruin all the fun.”

Shot Happens is a podcast all about the trials and tribulations of youth soccer in America. Show hosts Coach Reed (the Cranky Veteran) and Robert Hay (the Thoughtful Rookie) discuss the hot topics all soccer parents face. No shots are held as they tell all and help you navigate the wild world of competitive soccer.

In only our second episode, we decide to take a serious turn and discuss a hard topic that has been heavily covered in the media these days: concussions.

We bring on special guest Nipun Chopra, with an extensive background in neuroscience, to help us better understand the implications of recent rules, the impact of concussions, and how we can protect our children.