Shot Happens #6: It’s time to quit soccer… for the season?

Shot Happens #6: It’s time to quit soccer… for the season?

There is a lot of pressure on parents of travel players to be constantly honing their child’s craft. We’ve all heard of the Malcolm Gladwell 10,000 hours idea and, when we see our kids’ teammates signing up for futsal or skills training during the offseason, we worry our kids are not doing enough. Doesn’t our kid need to play soccer nonstop to keep up and stay on the competitive track?

Probably not.

On this episode, we discuss the fallacy of year-round soccer. We talk about why it is good that kids play other sports and how other non-soccer activities help their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. It’s ok to sign up for chess club! We also discuss why there is so much pressure on parents to sign their kids up for these year-round sessions, and what they can do to build positive relationships with the club and players on this issue.

If it is approaching the offseason for your club, now is the time to listen to this episode before you spend hundreds of dollars on a program you may not need or want to do.