Q&A with Rancho Santa Fe’s Malcolm Tovey


Q&A with Rancho Santa Fe’s Malcolm Tovey

Rancho Santa Fe’s Malcolm Tovey has now been the Director of Coaching for “The Attack” soccer club for 19 years. Previous to his current position, the

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Rancho Santa Fe’s Malcolm Tovey has now been the Director of Coaching for “The Attack” soccer club for 19 years. Previous to his current position, the highly experienced coach has spent time as a director for Surf Soccer Club, and as an international player for England’s U19 squad in his playing days.

Soccer Nation’s Cesar Hernandez recently got a chance to have a quick interview with the coach who answered a few questions about his personal history with the sport, his thoughts on local soccer, and his goals for Rancho Santa Fe.

SN: I’ve read that the Rancho Santa Fe Attack has had a long history with the local community. Tell us about the program that dates back since the 1970s.

MT: The Rancho Santa Fe Soccer Club was formed in the 1970s as a recreational soccer club for the children of Rancho Santa Fe. In the early years of soccer you played for the community that you lived in. It was the same for Encinitas, Solana Beach, Leucadia etc.

The Rancho Santa Fe Association has been a huge supporter of all local Rancho Santa Fe sports. In the early 1980s, the association purchased the land next to the Riding Club which we are very grateful for and now call home. All coaches were parents and volunteers. Larry Jhung, Terry Lathrum, and Brent Clark were the people who help start to establish the early Ranch Santa Fe Soccer Club.

SN: Tell us about your own personal history with the beautiful game. How did you first get into soccer?

MT: I first got into soccer as every little English boy does: Playing in elementary, middle and high school. My father, Bill, played professional soccer for Bristol City and worked as a coach and trainer in the professional game in England for 30 years.

I represented Bristol Schoolboys in soccer from U11-U19 and then went on to play for the England U19 National Association of Boys Clubs team, playing against Scotland, Wales, and N. Ireland. I came to the USA on a soccer scholarship to SDSU in 1978.

SN: What are some hurdles and difficulties that youth soccer programs face?

MT: Hurdles and difficulties include a definite lack of field space for the ever-growing population of soccer enthusiasts. Large housing communities are being built without enough thought going into new fields and recreational centers. The City of Carlsbad may be an exception.

SN: What goals do you have for the Attack?

MT: The goals for The Attack Soccer Club are to provide a positive and rewarding experience to our recreational and competitive teams. The reason we attain our goals is due to a supportive Board of Directors, the front office staff of Marilee Pacelli, Leslie Harris doing an amazing job of running the day-to-day operations of the club, and Nate Hetherington is the best assistant DOC you could hope for.

We are a small club when compared to some of the other clubs around us. I hire coaches that respect the children and parents, are great teachers, communicators, and have a passion for the game of soccer. Our goals include our players developing a passion for the game, improving their skills, playing at the highest level possible, and eventually playing in college.

SN: What are your thoughts on the current state of youth soccer in San Diego?

MT: The standard of youth soccer in San Diego is very good. There are a multitude of quality clubs, coaches, and players.

SN: Would you support the idea of an MLS/NASL/USL team starting in San Diego?

MT: I would totally support an MLS /NASL/USL team coming to San Diego.
I feel that all DOC’s of local soccer clubs should be supporting this goal and encouraging their members to attend.

SN: What can be done to ensure and support the growth of youth soccer?

MT: Local communities need to be proactive and work with other local sports teams and provide more field space. This is becoming a huge problem.

SN: Any upcoming tryouts for players who are interested in your club?

MT: Tryouts will be in April for our younger teams.

SN: Tell us about the upcoming “Attack Golf Classic” fundraiser.

MT: The Attack Golf Classic fundraiser is our first venture to raise money for the club scholarship fund and help cut down the cost of paying for competitive soccer.