Pro Women’s Soccer Is (Finally) Coming to SoCal

Pro Women’s Soccer Is (Finally) Coming to SoCal

An impressive investor group across the business, sports, and entertainment industries announced that professional women’s soccer is coming to Los Angeles.

What will the team name be?

We don’t know the team name yet. It will be announced later.

Where will the team play?

We don’t know that yet, either. Two huge possibilities, of course, are LA Galaxy’s and LAFC’s home stadiums. USWNT legend Mia Hamm is part of the ownership group for the new Los Angeles NWSL team. She is also part owner of LAFC. Many suspect that Hamm’s ties to LAFC will possibly help the new women’s pro team find a home at the newer, and soccer-specific, downtown Los Angeles stadium. Because of a large variety of owners with business ties across a variety of investor groups, LA Galaxy’s home stadium in Carson is also a strong possibility.

When will they join NWSL?

2022. Read the NWSL announcement here. NWSL in Los Angeles will kick of Spring 2022.

Advice from a Fellow Trailblazer

San Diego Loyal Soccer Club knows a thing or two about brining a new pro soccer team into a big city. We reached out to Ricardo Campos. Campos is Vice President of Operations and Gameday Experience at San Diego Loyal.

Along with Landon Donovan and Warren Smith, Campos was part of the inner circle that brought USL Championship soccer to San Diego. We asked Campos questions about that challenging yet rewarding journey.

“making sure you bring your community together is most important”

SN: What challenges will NWSL Los Angeles be facing?

RC: Like any club, you have a blank canvas. So you have to set up processes that will put you in your path to be the club that represents your community. In a big market you have multiple communities. So, making sure you bring your community together is most important for me. 

“The world needs women’s soccer.”

SN: What are the best steps your team made in the early stages?

RC: We listened, listened, listened and listened. The world needs women’s soccer. But it’s important to listen to what type of club the community wants. Listen carefully and ask lots of questions about what the community is saying. Clarify. Don’t assume. 

“for the community and for the game”

SN: What do you see in this NWSL LA investor group that has you encouraged about their goal to bring a pro soccer team to LA?

RC: This ownership group is impressive. It is obvious that they have a genuine reason why they are doing it. That is the most important factor in any club owner. That it is for the community and for the game. 

“Absolutely I will up there to watch a game.”

SN: Are you going to go to a game?

RC: Absolutely I will up there to watch a game. It’s about time LA gets a proper Football club [laughing]. San Diego Loyal wishes them the best of luck and if we can ever help in any way, I hope they reach out. We are all in this together. We are here to help grow the game!