Presidio Soccer League Meets with MLS Stadium Project Investors

Presidio Soccer League Meets with MLS Stadium Project Investors

With a rapidly approaching deadline to file for an MLS expansion team, investors meet with the soccer heart of San Diego

When Bob Turner, President of Presidio Soccer League was contacted by Craig Benedetto with California Strategies & Advocacy regarding supporting a San Diego MLS team, Turner of course accepted.

The buzz of an MLS team in San Diego has been a long time speculation and Presidio Soccer League had the opportunity to get precise information directly from the investing source. The packed room of Presidio members also had the chance to ask questions and get confirmation of any rumors regarding the project.

The bottom line from the meeting? FS Investors are willing to privately finance a $200 million stadium project in San Diego, but need the support from San Diego residents to make that happen.

Although the main focus of the project will be a new stadium for an MLS expansion franchise team, the project also includes use of the multi-use stadium for San Diego State University’s football team, SDSU office space and housing for faculty and students, entertainment district (restaurants, bars, shops, etc.) and a 50-acre river front public park – all at NO COST to tax payers.

With 11 other cities bidding for the four remaining spots left in Major League Soccer, San Diego needs to make a statement, and Presidio is ready to lead the pack. Everyone in the room wanted to know how to help and the investing group made it simple: show city council members and the MLS that San Diegans want this project to happen; contact your city council members, attend events like the USA vs Serbia match and USS Midway Museum Rally with Don Garber, etc. — and of course utilize the power of social media.

FS Investors Partners Craig Benedetto, Jon Dunbar, and Nick Stone with Presidio President Bob Turner.

With Presidio Soccer League fired up about the stadium project, they are already looking towards the future.

“This is great,” said Manny Neves, Director of Coaching for Coronado Youth Soccer League. “Hopefully we can also put together a quality team with a great style.”

“I’m hopeful reasonable season tickets will be available,” said Terry Cords, President of Crusaders Soccer Club. “So that San Diego soccer clubs and companies, can be a part of the franchise.”

Another exciting feature to look forward to — the stadium project will also include six additional turf fields with the goal of creating an Academy program. Exciting news for San Diego, and not just for soccer lovers. When asked about the possibly of a professional National Women’s Soccer League team, the idea was not dismissed — a promising future for the youth soccer players of San Diego.

What are your thought on investors meeting with local soccer leagues?

Love it or hate it, with FS Investors, there’s a connect with the community approach that the San Diego Chargers certainly never adopted…


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    Janeen Martinez 4 years

    How exciting it would be for all the “soccer” youth of San Diego to be able to attend a professional soccer game! I definitely would have brought my children to professional games when they were playing soccer!
    And now, I will look foreword to the times I will be able to bring my grandchildren. Thank you for making it possible!

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