Mike McNeill Joins the SoccerNation Podcast

Mike McNeill Joins the SoccerNation Podcast

Mike McNeil's team at the Albion Development Showcase in San Diego, Ca

For the first episode of 2018 of the SoccerNation Podcast, I’m joined by Mike McNeill.

Mike is the Executive Director of the “Olders” for San Francisco Glens Evolution, and we have a frank discussion of the state of soccer in the United States.

Readers may remember Mike’s two-part interview with Nate from last summer:

This wide-ranging conversation touches on the availability of coaches education programs, the pay to play system in youth soccer, The United States Soccer Development Academy, the history of Mike’s club in San Francisco, the Great Age of Expansion of the professional game in this country, and so much more.

Carve out some time and listen to this engaging and candid chat between two people utterly immersed in the game and we. It’s shotgun style and the conversation flows from topic to topic, but it’s probably a very accurate reflection of our SoccerNation today.

As always, you can connect with me on Twitter and @DikeNatsai and you can find Mike @MUFCred_USA. Learn more about SF Glens youth club at www.sfglensevolution.org and SF Glens’ new PDL team at www.sfglens.com

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As always, thanks to Alexandar Bang for the music!