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LA Galaxy San Diego Class of 2017

LA Galaxy San Diego took over Carlsbad United in 2016 and have hit the ground running. An MLS affiliated youth soccer club has it's advantages -- the

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LA Galaxy San Diego took over Carlsbad United in 2016 and have hit the ground running. An MLS affiliated youth soccer club has it’s advantages — the LAGSD program includes a College Bound Program ran by two College Liaisons that are dedicated to assisting players achieve their college dreams. Although they only had six month with their high school seniors, they were able to make a big impact within that very short amount of time.

Courtney Drummond, the Girls College Liaison is especially proud of their success in preparing players for college. “At LAGSD we aim to ensure that our players are ready for the collegiate level. You truly cannot replicate the college game at a youth level. The closest we get is competing in the USYS National League and qualifying for the National Championships. At that level you can feel the pressure you would feel in a college game.”

The biggest leap a soccer player will face is the transition from youth to college soccer; and Drummond agrees the landscape of youth soccer has changed. “Players get into a routine where it’s just another game and everyone gets into post-season play. Competing in National League you quickly understand that you can’t hide and every game counts in order to qualify for the National Championships. With that being said our girls understand the demands and pressure in these types of situations. We prepare them physically as well as mentally. The mental aspect gets lost on a lot of players. Players go in blind not understanding the demands and how hard it is to balance collegiate soccer.”

Here’s a look into the seven players that signed college commitments earlier this month. SoccerNation’s Andrea Amaro had a chance to speak with some of the players and their parents, on this next big soccer adventure.

LA Galaxy San Diego Class of 2017 


Kameryn Hoban, Loyola Marymount University
AA: How excited are you about attending LMU?
KH: I’m extremely excited for next year! I am excited for the new adventures LA will bring as well as opportunities! I’ll miss my family and home a lot but I’m looking forward to living on my own.
AA: What were you looking for in a school?
KH: I was looking for a school that is close enough that my parents can come and watch my games but far enough away that I can be independent. Also, I wanted a school that has a good science program and soccer team, which LMU offers.

AA: Are you glad you will be close to home?
KH: Yes, because I love Southern California and the beach. Also, my family can come visit whenever they want to watch a game.

AA: How much did LA Galaxy SD/your Coaches assist/prepare you for college?
KH: I would have never been in this position without Carl and Courtney and their constant support and commitment to my future. My teammates have also had an impact on my life by inspiring me to not only be a better soccer player, but also a better person.

AA: What has been your most memorable moment with LA Galaxy SD?
KH: My most memorable moment was winning the National Championships in Dallas, Texas this last summer.

Parents, Ed and Kim Hoban:

AA: How proud are you of Kameryn?
E&K: We are very proud of all her hard work and all the time and energy she put into getting herself recruited and looked at by college coaches.

AA: Are you glad she will be close to home?
E&K:  We are very excited that she will be close enough that we will be able to go attend home games! We are looking forward to seeing her attend LMU and play as a LION.

AA: Would you recommend LA Galaxy SD for players looking to become collegiate athletes?
E&K:  We would definitely recommend LA Galaxy SD for any player that wants to take their game to the college level. They have a very extensive college program that mentors and guides their players through the recruiting process. They hold training seminars and the college liaisons are always engaged with players who are actively being recruited. Courtney was there guiding Kameryn through her process the whole way. Also, LA Galaxy SD has an incredible coaching staff and they are trained to development players to take their game to the collegiate level.

Coach Courtney Drummond:

AA: What will Kameryn bring to the LMU soccer team?
CD: Kameryn is known for her presence on the field. She makes such an impact in every game and I think that’ll continue on at LMU. Not just her physical ability but her leadership and organization skills are fantastic and will be imperative at the next level. She physically imposes herself on opponents and will have a bright future at the collegiate.

Erin Sinai, Pepperdine University
AA: How excited are you about attending Pepperdine?
ES: I am very excited about attending Pepperdine. It has been my dream for a while and I am so glad that I will be able to start going there in a couple of months.

AA: What were you looking for in a school?
ES: I was looking for a school with a competitive soccer program paired with great academics. Pepperdine has both of these qualities which allowed me to picture myself in its environment.

AA: Are you glad you will be close to home?
ES: Yes, I am very glad to be close to home because I love California. I still get to experience a whole new area in Malibu while also being only a couple hours from home.

AA: How much did LA Galaxy/your Coaches assist/prepare you for college?
ES: I would not be anywhere near where I am today without my LA Galaxy coaches. They set me up for success and helped me step by step in the recruiting process. Carl and Courtney spent a lot of time not only preparing us on the field for college, but also doing a lot of the behind the scenes work. They contacted college coaches and made sure we were on top of the process. I cannot thank them enough.

AA: What has been your most memorable moment with LA Galaxy?
ES: By far, my most memorable moment with LA Galaxy has been winning the national championship last year in Texas. I was so proud of our team, coaches and club’s success.

Parents, Mike and Caroline Sinai:

AA: How many years has Erin played soccer?
M&C: Erin has been playing soccer her whole life, since she was very little. At first she played for Carlsbad Wave, and then Carlsbad Lightning/United/LA Galaxy for 7 years.

AA: How proud are you of her?
M&C: We are so proud of her of course! She put in so much hard work and it really paid off with such great success in winning the National Championship and getting a scholarship to Pepperdine. Erin has also been able to maintain an average 4.5 GPA throughout high school. It is a great life lesson; if you work really hard you will succeed.

AA: Are you glad she will be close to home?
M&C: She had several East coast teams interested, but we are so happy she stayed close so we can go to her games and cheer her on. It will be so much fun to watch her play on such a high level. This has been our goal ever since the start when she was little.

AA: Would you recommend LA Galaxy SD for players looking to become collegiate athletes?
M&C: Yes it has been a fantastic program and if a player puts in the work necessary to succeed, the LA Galaxy program will be the catalyst for success. The program has been very supportive and nurturing for her soccer accomplishments. We would definitely recommend it to anyone serious about playing at a high collegiate level.

Coach Courtney Drummond:

AA: What will Erin bring to the Pepperdine soccer team?
CD: Erin is one of the best defenders I have had the opportunity to coach. Her 1v.1 ability is of the highest caliber. She rarely ever gets beat, her pace, knowledge and ability to read the game sets her apart. She truly always seems one step ahead of attacking players. Besides her playing ability, Erin is a great leader, she leads by example both on and off the field. Her commitment to her academics is exceptional.

Caitlin McCarthy, University of California, San Diego
AA: How excited are you about attending UCSD?
CM: I am extremely excited about attending UCSD in the fall. I can’t wait to go!

AA: Are you glad you will be staying in San Diego?
CM: I am definitely glad to be staying in San Diego because I’ll be able visit my family and little sister frequently while still having the independence of being away from them. Also I love the beach so it’s nice to stay close to that as well.

AA: How much did LA Galaxy SD/your Coaches assist/prepare you for college?
CM: LA Galaxy SD helped a lot with the recruiting process by throwing tournaments that multiple college coaches attended, as well as having recruitment meetings to help young players figure out how to contact coaches. All of my coaches have helped me commit by making me play the best I can, to play at the college level.

AA: What will you miss the most about LA Galaxy SD?
CM: My most memorable moment on the LA Galaxy SD team would probably be winning tournaments with my team because they are an amazing group of girls and I will definitely miss them when I go to college.

Parents, James & Noreen McCarthy:

AA: How many years has Caitlin been playing soccer?
J&N: Caitlin has been playing soccer for 13 years, since she was 5 years old.

AA: How proud are you of her?
J&N: We are very proud of Caitlin’s accomplishments.  Her dedication hard work and positive attitude has allowed her to succeed on the field as well as off the field, as she maintains a 4.4 GPA in high school.

AA: Are you glad she will be staying in San Diego?
J&N: We are extremely happy she is staying in San Diego.  It will give us the opportunity to see her play in some of her college soccer games, as well as give us a little more time with her.

AA: Would you recommend LA Galaxy SD for players looking to become collegiate athletes?
J&N: Yes, definitely.  They have a great support system for college bound players.  Their system includes great coaching, personal support as well as software tools to assist the player with their dreams.

Coach Courtney Drummond:

AA: What will Caitlin bring to the UCSD soccer team?
CD: Caitlin is one of the most underrated players I’ve been fortunate enough to be around and coach for months at a time. Caitlin’s “engine” is more than impressive, she never stops and is a player that shows so much grit. Those are aspects that are intrinsic in a player and it takes her game to a different level. Caitlin will make a great impact at UCSD, her technical ability is fantastic and she’s an out and out competitor.

Hadley Sbrega, University of Idaho
AA:  How excited are you about attending the University of Idaho?
HS:  I am ecstatic about attending the University of Idaho.  The first time I flew out to the school I knew this was going to be the place for me.  It was such an amazing feeling to get to know that this is where I would get to spend my next four years making memories on and off the field.

AA:  What were you looking for in a school?
HS:  I always knew that I really wanted to go out of state for college.  I absolutely love where I live, but I believe that I need to experience a different home for a little bit of my life and Idaho is the perfect place to do that.  The campus is absolutely gorgeous with its old architecture and history surrounding its buildings.  I love how they get four seasons up there and their education programs are stellar.  Not only is the school so impressive, but their soccer team is stellar as well.  Getting to play college soccer at a school that I love for more than just the sport is what I was aiming for, and I believe that I’ve found the right home for me in Idaho.

AA:  Are you concerned about transitioning to play soccer in Idaho weather?
HS:  While us Southern California soccer girls aren’t known for playing in pouring rain and snow, I have had my fair share of playing in cold weather, and I actually really enjoy it.  Believe it or not it does gets decently cold in SoCal in the winter.  Playing for three years in the National League, we traveled to North Carolina each year, and that really helped me to get acclimated to playing in different types of drastic weather. When I will be joining the University of Idaho’s soccer team in the fall of 2017, we will be playing indoors for our season making it a much more friendly environment for us girls in the winter.

AA:  How much did LA Galaxy SD/your coaches assist/prepare you for college?
HS:  Making the move to come over to LA Galaxy SD was the absolute best thing for my soccer career.  While my play and vision of the game grew, it was also so great to have such amazing coaches behind me constantly, always wanting what was best for me.  My first coach with the club was Coach Brett, and I want to thank him for being by my side and pushing me to be the best I could be.  He helped me find who I wished to be on the field while always encouraging and trusting in me.  I have the upmost respect for Coach Brett and thank him for helping me never fall out of love with soccer.  My current Coach, Courtney Drummond, has been there with me from the beginning working hard to help me reach my dream of playing college soccer. I have loved being coached by her fresh and competitive style of play and am so thankful to her for preparing me for the next level and big leap in my life.  These years of preparation I know will help me in college, and I feel so lucky to have gotten to be involved in such a great program, and coached by two people with immense passion and intelligence of the game.

AA:  What has been your most memorable moment with LA Galaxy SD?
HS:  My most memorable moment with LA Galaxy SD has been the National Championships in Texas this past summer.  I got the privilege to play “up” a year with very talented players, and was able to contribute and make a difference on the field.  My favorite moment of that trip was our semifinal game.  We had an early 1-0 lead, but in the second half the opposing team came down and scored, leaving us tied.  I remember wanting to win more than I had ever wanted to win a game, and soon felt the tension build more and more on the field as we got closer to the end of the 90 minute game in the killer heat and the start of the dreaded overtime whistle.  I remember thinking that I needed to keep going and give it everything I had in me, and ended up scoring to make the game 2-1.  This was my favorite moment of my career with this club, not because of the cheers and the “good job” from teammates and coaches, but for knowing that I had made a contribution to get us to something bigger than ourselves.

Parents, Victorio & Heather:
AA: How many years has Hadley played soccer?
V&H: Hadley has been playing soccer since she was 5 years old, so 13 years now.  Playing multiple sports throughout the years has brought many mental and physical experiences back to her one true passion, soccer.  She has been with La Galaxy San Diego (formerly Carlsbad United) for 3 years, having moved from a prior club.

AA: How proud are you of her?
V&H: It’s difficult to even put into words, the pride we have in Hadley.  A parent’s dream is for their kids to be happy above all else.  Being out on the field gives Hadley her “happy place” and something to look forward to every day.  She feels joy in her heart every time she out there with her cleats on.  We are so blessed that she loves this sport so much and gets to continue to play soccer, while getting a great education at the University of Idaho.

AA: What do you think of her choice to attend University of Idaho?
V&H: The coaches there are amazing and supportive, the campus is absolutely beautiful and Hadley has already met her teammates that she cannot wait to play with for the next four years.  Go Vandals!

AA: Are you worried about her being so far away from home?
V&H: Hadley has an adventurous spirit and loves to travel and explore new places.  What better place to be than Idaho? It is a beautiful state with so much to offer for those who love the outdoors.  Though Hadley has lived in Southern California all of her life, she loves mountains and snow just as much as the beach where we live.  As parents, we are thrilled for her to explore the beauty of Idaho and just breathe in nature at its finest.  So, I guess in a nutshell, no we are not worried about Hadley being so far away from home.  We will miss being able to see all of her games and cheer her on from the sideline, after thirteen years of rarely missing a game.  We say just go for it, explore new places, meet new people and experience a different part of this beautiful country.

AA: Would you recommend LA Galaxy SD for players looking to become collegiate athletes?
V&H: Absolutely! LAGSD has been such a wonderful place for Hadley to develop into the collegiate player that she has now become.  The club really nurtures its players and those wanting to take it to the next level…. there are so many resources available.  Hadley’s coach Brett Williams for the past few years, and now Coach Courtney Drummond have been so instrumental in helping Hadley grow in her abilities and game, and have always been so supportive an encouraging to get her to that next level; playing for Idaho next fall.  The coaches at this club are so highly trained and there are many college showcases that LAGSD participates in to give each and every player the opportunity to potentially play college soccer if that is their dream.  Hadley is realizing hers now, thanks to all of her amazing LA Galaxy San Diego coaches.

Coach Courtney Drummond:

AA: What will Hadley bring to the Idaho soccer team?
CD: Hadley is such a dynamic player. She is one of the most fun players to watch while playing in the attack. Every time the ball is at Hadley’s feet something positive happens. She’s a tireless worker, reads the game well, makes dangerous runs and is a true competitor. What she brings intrinsically you can’t coach. Hadley will make a great impact at Idaho.

Emily Cuthbert, University of Southern California
AA: How excited are you about attending USC?
EC: I’m am ecstatic to attend USC. It is my dream school all around. It has an amazing academic program and a killer soccer team. It’s the best of both worlds!

AA: What were you looking for in a school?
EC: There were many factors when it came to deciding what school to commit to, but the main one for me was education. I was looking for a school that would have a challenging academic course load, but also be a powerhouse soccer team. Those were the two main factors, however a great coaching staff, good team chemistry, location, school size, and a strong biology program were also important elements in making my decision.

AA: Are you glad you will be close to home?
EC: I am glad that I will be close to home. My family is very important to me and knowing that they’re close by was an important factor in my decision making process. Not to mention that California is a pretty amazing state to live in and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!

AA: How much did LA Galaxy/your Coaches assist/prepare you for college?
EC: LA Galaxy and their coaching staff played a big part in helping me get recruited to play college soccer. Before this club I had never played in front of a college coach, but after only six months of playing with LA Galaxy I was able to commit to USC. They help showcase you and create a ton of college coach exposure. Then they help you make connections with coaches and walk you through the best way to make the perfect choice for your college commitment. I am so grateful for this club and all the people involved in it.

AA: What has been your most memorable moment with LA Galaxy?
EC: My most memorable moment with LA Galaxy was winning the US Youth Soccer National Championships. It was an amazing experience to have the opportunity to play two years up with the older team. They taught me so much and helped me develop into the player I am today. In addition, this honor along with receiving the Golden Glove award and the Best 11 Player award helped me get recruited by my dream college.

Parents, Ted & Sue Cuthbert:

AA: How many years has Emily played for LA Galaxy SD? Are you glad you made the switch?
T&S: She is coming up on 2 years with LAGSD. We feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity for Emily to be part of this club.

AA: How proud are you of her?
T&S: We are so blessed to have such a kind, loving, smart, thoughtful and extremely driven athletic daughter. Emily is one of those kids that is very humble and lets her actions speak for themselves, not only in her kindness towards others, but especially on the soccer field as a Goal Keeper. Emily’s great grandmother would be the proudest of all if she were still alive. She graduated USC in the 1920’s which was an amazing feat for a woman at that time in our history.

AA: Are you glad she will be close to home?
T&S: Absolutely. We are planning on attending all of her home soccer games as well as her away games.

AA: Would you recommend LA Galaxy San Diego?
T&S: Yes. When Emily came to the club she was playing multiple sports. She was fortunate enough to be asked to play on Coach Brett’s U16 team and he had total confidence in her abilities and she flourished in that environment. Then came her big break because of the size of the club and the number of top level teams, Emily was asked to play up two years (she was 16) with Coach Adam’s U18. His goal keeper had broken her finger and they needed a goalie for the National Championships in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She only had a few months to get ready and Coach Adam was the perfect coach to take her to the next level. He was very tough on her but she had full confidence in him as a coach. They won the National Championship in 2015. Emily was named the top goalkeeper for U18 and was awarded the Golden Glove. She also was named one of the top 11 U18 players in the tournament.

Coach Courtney Drummond:

AA: What will Emily bring to the USC soccer team?
CD: Emily brings a wealth of experience with her to the National Champions USC. Her ability to play up throughout her club career has certainly helped her. Emily has such a presence in goal, she’s a pk specialist, great shot stopping ability and her height alone sets her apart from the get go. She has a tremendous resume, winning a National Championship, finalist at the National Championships and golden glove winner.

Joanna Ortiz, Cal State Bakersfield 

Natalya Romaine, Colorado Mesa University 

Sarah Wuthrich, Concordia University Nebraska

Shelby Wray, Cornell University

Ashley Seymour, CSU Long Beach 

Brooke Hernandez, CSU San Marcos