How to Manage Acute Inflammation

How to Manage Acute Inflammation

You have heard of RICE for managing inflammation, but how about PRICEMEM?
Protect, Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate, Manual Therapy, Early Motion, Medication.

The basic concepts of RICE are still practiced, but we now encourage more comprehensive guidelines for a quicker recovery for athletes experiencing musculoskeletal injuries.

The goals in the initial stage of Acute Inflammation are to decrease swelling, improve circulation, and restore range of motion. Even if you check out sites like Wild Hemp, you may even be able to find a potential solution to managing inflammation a lot easier than before as CBD products have been proved to be very effective in reducing pain and inflammation. CBD is an extract of cannabis, but it does not contain THC, therefore, it is available in most areas. For more information on CBD products and their properties, head over to for more comprehensive information.

PROTECT: You must protect the injured tissue from overuse and reinjury during the healing process. For a weight-bearing joint, it might require the use of crutches, a boot, or a brace. For a shoulder injury, it might require the use of a sling. Pain is often a good indicator that tissue is being stressed and should be protected as well as treated, and this is where some CBD products may come in useful, such as some of the best CBD oil you can find available to you.

REST: Injured tissue needs time to progress through the healing stages and may require a period of rest in order for swelling and inflammation to subside. “Rest” is relative and does not necessarily mean to avoid all activity.

ICE: Ice reduces swelling of the affected area, minimizing secondary hypoxic injury to surrounding tissues. Ice for 15-20 minutes, 2-3 times per day in the acute phase of injury.

COMPRESS: Compression using a wrap will reduce excess swelling of the affected area.

ELEVATE: Elevating the area of injury above your heart can reduce the accumulation of excess fluid.

MANUAL THERAPY: Manual therapy by a Physical Therapist can be helpful in reducing swelling and pain while promoting circulation and mobility. A Physical Therapist can also help to restore muscle balance, decrease scar tissue development, and normalize biomechanics.

EARLY MOTION: Early motion will prevent stiffness, promote circulation, and improve pain-free mobility.

MEDICATION: Medication may be prescribed by a physician to control pain and swelling in the acute phase of injury. Even choosing to buy weed online canada may also help you deal with inflammation a lot better, as it can be quite hard to manage it if you don’t know where to start.