The (first-ever) Xolos Podcast!

The (first-ever) Xolos Podcast!

Hi everyone! We (Cesar Hernandez, Francisco Velasco and soccerloco) are excited to announce the debut of the first-ever Xolos Podcast! It’s a work in progress, but we are thrilled to see how this all develops.

Today, we discuss who we are, why we started the podcast, a bit on Club Tijuana’s current season, our top five players for the team and then preview Friday’s upcoming home game against Veracruz. At the very end, we also provide our predictions for the match.



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    David K 4 years

    Hey guys, love the first episode and looking forward to the next—too bad we were all wrong about the Atlas match. Are you going to put the pod on iTunes, so we can subscribe?

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